GTDC gets the ‘green light’ for eco-conscious resort in Anjuna

During the latest meeting of the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA), crucial clearance was granted to the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). Due to the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance and Environmental Clearance (EC) granted by the (SEIAA), a new five-star hotel will be set up in Anjuna. The GTDC’s new hotel will approximately cost Rs 305 crore and measure 7.0462 hectares.

One of the stipulations provided by the state is that the GTDC uses ready-mix concrete, to reduce the pollution that is involved in such a large-scale project. Along with that the GTDC must not create any kind of hindrance in the natural drainage system in the area and must instead set up a roof-top water harvesting system which will ensure that the topography of the area remains ‘unchanged’. Without these stipulations the GTDC would not have been granted the environment clearance it requires to start construction.

The GTDC must approach the Goa State Pollution Control Board to acquire consent to begin the construction process. No changes can be made by the tourism corporation in the layout plan that is to be submitted when one is seeking EC.

To maintain hygiene and to avoid pollution, solid waste and waste water must be disposed in a systematic manner. Facilities including housing for labour, transportable toilets, mobile sewage treatment, clean drinking water, fuel required for cooking and an essential first aid zone must be provided according to the state .

The clearance provided depended upon several other conditions that had to have been met to acquire the clearance. One such condition is utilizing the excavated topsoil as a result of construction, for landscape development within the site itself. The GTDC must also ensure that the hazardous waste produced is disposed of with prior authorisation from the GSPC and must receive the green light for the structural safety of the building as given by the national building code by a competent authority.

Despite the fact that the proposal of the hotel project was introduced in the SEIAA meeting back in 2014, it received clearance only recently in its 124th meeting.

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