Government’s firm stance on speed governors in rent-a-cabs

Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho emphasised the government’s determination to ensure the installation of speed governors in rent-a-cabs, stating that there has been a complete ban on such permissions for the past two years. He highlighted the pressure for rent-a-bike in certain areas and mentioned ongoing evaluations to potentially grant some relaxation. However, he emphasised the necessity of an audit, including taxis and motorbike taxis, before making any decisions.

 Addressing the issue of subsidies, Minister Godinho clarified that subsidies for rent-a-cab were provided during the Covid period, but future incentives would be limited to those enrolled with the app. He underscored the importance of digital meters, installed following a high court order, and expressed dissatisfaction with the low usage among taxi operators. He hinted at potential actions to address the situation, noting that some rent-a-cab taxis have installed speed governors but are not using them, while others have not installed them at all.

 In response to the increasing number of accidents, the State Transport Department intensified efforts to address the problem of transport vehicles, especially rent-a-cab, operating without speed governors. Officials were instructed to conduct thorough inspections, specifically focusing on ‘Rent-a-Cab’ transport vehicles, during the renewal or issuance of fitness certificates. Assistant Directors of Transport were mandated to verify the installation and proper operation of speed governors, with a deadline of March 11 for submitting a detailed action taken report, to be reviewed on March 12, 2024.


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