Goa-SEAC recommends mine owners to buld a local playground

The Goa State Expert Appraisal Committee (Goa-SEAC) has provided various suggestions including asking the mine operators concerned to build a playground for the locals and to offer financial aid to students, in terms of the two applications it received of environment clearance for mines at Advalpal and Shirgaoin in Bicholim.

The environment permit has been held back till the suggestions made by the Goa-SEAC have been met. Goa-SEAC said “Under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), provision for funding research for college students should be made. In collaboration with the local panchayat, playground infrastructure could be set up under the Build, Operate, Lease and Transfer (BOLT) contract.” They have also stated that CSR must be increased by 15 percent to account for inflation.

The committee has asked the applicants for additional details along with the previously submitted documents such as authorisation for ground water extraction from the resource department and a map that showcases the locations of air, ground water and surface water supervision stations at varied radiuses such as 3km, 5km and 10km.

The committee said “The project proponent needs to provide trenches along the road to handle excess water sprayed during dust suppression. The proponent should provide maximum employment to the locals. Shrubs and grass need to be planted within the lease area to prevent surface runoffs. Also, the project proponent should  plant tree species like the Indian charcoal tree in open areas within 10km as mitigation measures during mining itself.”

The Goa-SEA has also proposed the idea of building noise barriers by planting large canopy trees across the periphery. The mine owners have been requested to furnish a list detailing the flora and fauna of the region along with IUCN status of each species listed in the environment impact assessment.






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