Goa SCPCR implements robust guidelines for enhanced safety in Hostels and Boarding institutions

In collaboration with the Directorate of Education, the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) has intensified its commitment to the safety and welfare of children in hostels and boarding institutions. The SCPCR has endorsed comprehensive guidelines formulated by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights to address identified gaps in the current framework.

The guidelines cover mandatory registration, infrastructure standards, nutritional provisions, healthcare services, educational and recreational activities, and protocols for child protection. The initiative aims to set a new standard for the operation of hostels and boarding institutions, ensuring an environment conducive to the holistic development of children. Peter F. Borges, Chairperson of the Goa SCPCR, emphasised the moral imperative of upholding standards of care, stating, “Stringent guidelines must be enforced to guarantee the safety and well-being of every child.”

The SCPCR urges all institutions, including those for religious education not registered under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, to align with these guidelines by registering with the Deputy Education Officer at respective zones. The Commission stands ready to assist institutions in this transition, emphasising that adherence to these guidelines is not just a regulatory obligation but a moral imperative for the well-being of children. The SCPCR remains steadfast in its commitment, urging all stakeholders to unite in this critical endeavor.



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