Goa-IDC and Invest India collaborate to enhance Goan business environment

Goa-IDC partners with Invest India for the implementation of key industry-related reforms

As India marches towards progress, the government has been relentless in its pursuit of making it easier for businesses to thrive in the country. In the recent past, Goa Industrial Development Corporation (G-IDC) has initiated certain key reforms like revision of the legal framework, creating a new digital portal, survey of industrial land banks, setting up of Micro Small Medium Manufacturing Enterprises (MSME) incubation parks etc. In this regard, GIDC has collaborated with Invest India which is a National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India for accelerated implementation of the planned reforms.

Invest India is a non-commercial organisation under the aegis of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is currently working with 16 central government ministries/agencies with a focus on investment facilitation; project monitoring, National Single Window System (NSWS), India Industrial Land Bank etc.

Mauvin Godinho, Minister for Transport, Industries, Panchayat Raj & Protocol has emphasised that GIDC and Invest India team give priority to setting up of MSME Incubation Park in Verna Industrial Estate and creating solid waste management facilities in Industrial Estates.

“There is a great potential for synergy between Goa-IDC and Invest India to implement industry-related reforms pertaining to Goa-IDC for enhancing Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in the state of Goa. We have already started working on several fronts and I am sure the State Desk will boost the capacity of GIDC to deliver on such reforms,” said P. Pravimal Abhishek IAS, Managing Director, Goa Industrial Development.

Given the industry focus of Invest India and the wide range of experience, it is expected that the dedicated desk for Goa Industrial Development Corporation will help in implementing various ongoing projects taken up by Goa-IDC. The desk will have at least 3 dedicated resources deployed with Goa-IDC who will provide inputs for various policy interventions and projects.

“Invest India is looking forward to the collaboration with Goa Industrial Development Corporation (G-IDC) to increase the ease of doing business in the state through policy reforms and provide end-to-end support to Goa-IDC in making Goa one of the most investor-friendly destinations in India,” said Priya Rawat, COO, Invest India.

As for the collaboration between Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) and Invest India, the goal is to create a more conducive business environment in the state. A delegation of Invest India from Delhi visited Goa and presented to the Board of Directors, the details of the State Desk and various ongoing projects jointly being pursued by GIDC and Invest India.

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