“Goa has always been craved for when it comes to a place for shooting meaningful movies”

Business Goa speaks to Ankita Mishra, CEO, Entertainment Society of Goa, who goes to elaborate on the opportunities IFFI brings to Goa and involving locals into making it a people’s festival

  1. This is your first time on the Government Panel for IFFI. What are your thoughts on the same?

It’s a great opportunity to be here organizing one of the biggest film festivals of India. It’s an international film festival so I love the learning curve that I am getting to experience here and am enjoying the feel and vibe of the entire festival.

      2. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, is the permanent motto of IFFI which is its core philosophy. What are your thoughts on the background of IFFI that commenced from 2004? Along with bringing Goa into this?

I think it’s not a matter of pride only for us here who are working as part of IFFI but for all of Goa to host such an event. During IFFI, people from not only the country but all over the world come to participate in the festival and see what India as well as Goa has to offer. It gives us a kind of soft power as we say in international diplomacy and people are able to see what India has to offer not only in terms of filmmaking but also in terms of getting quality tourism to India. When all of them get together to witness the art of film-making and related activities associated with it; everyone works as a team. Just a few days ago we were discussing with the NFDC that the meaning of a country as a concept has been diluted quite a bit. We don’t even know the nationality of a person who is a part of this festival. As you must have seen all these actors and people who are part of the film-making business, are from different nationalities, who come together and collaborate to produce something marvelous and this I feel is what embodies our motto.

   3. Goans have played a key role as musicians, actors, even film makers. What is the thought of having a film city, from the government’s perspective in the next 5 – 10 years?

We do need a film city and that can be seen in terms of the hike that we have in the number of film shooting applications that we receive. Goa has always been craved for when it comes to a place for shooting meaningful movies. There is a sort of social acceptance in Goa. People here respect the art of filmmaking while also knowing how to appreciate it. People here are inclined towards art, culture, music, and dance in all its forms and having a film city will be a very positive thing for a place like Goa. It will also help the youth and volunteers while creating jobs for the locals here. It will get film tourism to Goa and also help children look at filmmaking as prospective careers and other allied activities.

  4. Can we look at IFFI as an industry that will generate certain income for the exchequer or indirectly for the local people?

When I talk about tourism, it’s all about tourism coming to Goa. Many of the people who wouldn’t think of coming to India will definitely want to visit again after seeing what we have to offer. As a part of IFFI we have something called a Cine Mela which we have introduced and there are a lot of local Goan artisans whose products will be on display. Even during the ongoing preparations a lot of local vendors and businesses have been brought on-board to be a part of this festival.

   5. Regarding culture, we know very well that Goa has a rich culture. Do you believe that the government can take action to promote our traditions and culture?

Yes, I firmly believe that the Government can and will promote our rich culture and heritage and that is what we have been doing. We have a Goan section altogether just to encourage local Goan filmmakers. ESG tries its best to showcase our heritage through its Cinephile Club and various other festivals that we have so that we can promote the local Goan artisans, culture, and heritage. Now the Serendipity Arts Festival is coming up and a lot of Goan artists will get an opportunity to showcase their talents. Through these initiatives what we are doing is bringing our local talent to the forefront and they are getting a platform to put their art on display to the national as well as international media while taking their skills forward.

  6. How are we involving Goans in making IFFI a people’s festival?

We are having various stalls that involve Goans. All of our volunteers are from Goa and they are getting to be a part of IFFI while learning so much in the process. Along with this, other allied activities like the décor and everything else that happens backstage to put up a great show like IFFI involve people of the State. Ultimately it is all done by Goans who truly make it a people’s festival.

  7. On a personal front, what is your favourite genre of cinema?

I love thrillers but I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite actor or actress. I like the roles that they play. I enjoy the acting more than the person and I appreciate a particular role that an actor or actress has played in movies that I have watched and loved.


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