Goa Culinary Conclave 6.0 held at Planet Hollywood

The 6th edition of the Goa Culinary Conclave was held recently at Planet Hollywood. The daylong event was attended by chefs, F & B personnel, marketing experts, proprietors, and general managers who form a part of the culinary landscape in Goa.

The Conclave began in 2016, two years after the Goa Culinary Club created a platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst various food connoisseurs in the State.

L to R: Suresh D C, Jason D’Souza, Abhishek Singh, Jose Thomas and Sunit Sharma

Conceptualised by a committee comprising of President and Co-founder Odette Mascarenhas with Vice Presidents Saurabh Khanna, Chef Sunit Sharma, Joe Mascarenhas, Sunita Rodricks, Nolan Mascarenhas, and Anisha Hassan, the group consisting of over 60 members have worked towards enhancing the culinary scene in Goa.

This year’s conclave had eminent speakers flown in from all around India to strengthen and impart both technical and knowledge-based fundamentals to all those interested in preserving Goa’s heritage and hospitality standards.

The speakers who were present were Prof Satish Jayaram who conducted a masterclass on Forecasting Food Futures; Jyoti Sardesai on Operation Enhancement and Millets; a panel discussion with proprietors AD Singh (Olive), Prahlad Sukhtankar (Black Sheep Bistro); Ginny Kohli (Neighbours) with Sunita Rodricks as the moderator.

The Chef ’s Speakeasy session saw Sunit Sharma having a conversation with Executive Chef Abhishek Singh (JW Marriott), Chef Jason D’Souza (White Plate), Executive Chef Jose Thomas (Taj Exotica), and Chef Suresh DC (Hosa).

Nolan Mascarenhas spoke to Gurmeet Singh on the topic of brand building while Odette Mascarenhas, Dianne Mendonca, Pallavi Sukhtankar and Chef Sarita Chavan spoke on Know Your Goan Cuisine.

A masterclass was held by Cyrus Dalal on Food, Travel, and Photography along with a masterclass on the Business of Coffee.

Technical inputs through demos were conducted by Aline Roser on Vegan Butter Chicken, Cheese making by Mukund Naidu, the art of making an
inspired Japanese cheesecake by Chef Selvaraj and a demo on chocolates by Mandar Bhosale.

The event with saw a wonderful mix of hospitality personnel indulging in an evening of networking with Fentiro, Simba and Big Banyan setting the mood; ably assisted by sponsors Sameer, Solfir, Mittal teas and an exotic spread by the host, Planet Hollywood. The Goa Culinary Club hopes to take the next conclave to a higher level supported by the members and the popularity that every edition of this platform brings to Goa.


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