Goa Buildings Act Amended: Enhancing clarity in Lease documents and strengthening Landlord Rights

The State introduced amendments to the Goa Buildings (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control Act, 1968, with the enactment of the Goa Buildings (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control (Amendment) Act, 2024. The objective is to provide lucidity in leave-and-license agreements and fortify the landlord-tenant relationship, fostering a secure environment for property transactions. The amended act facilitates landlords in regaining possession of their property post the leave-and-license agreement period. According to the new rules, landlords can promptly apply to the deputy collector for property possession upon the agreement’s expiration, initiating the process of eviction against the licensee. Subsequently, the Deputy Collector issues a show cause notice to the licensee, who must respond within 20 days or a maximum of 60 days if challenging the notice. If the licensee fails to vacate the premises post eviction order, they are obligated to compensate the landlord with damages double the rate of the license fee until the building is vacated.

 The amended regulations also stipulate penalties, including imprisonment for up to three months or a fine not exceeding Rs one lakh, or both, for licensees who do not vacate the building upon lease expiration. The Deputy Collector is mandated to adjudicate on applications within six months from filing and will not consider claims from non-licensees. The revised rules explicitly define leave and license as the landlord’s permission for the licensee to use the building for a specific period without a transfer of the landlord’s interest in the property.

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