GCCI presents Goa Budget Memorandum to Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant

GCCI Team led by President Ralph De Sousa presented the GCCI Goa Budget Memorandum to Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant. GCCI has proposed the following

  1. Reduction in excise duty on high-end liquor and increase duty on low-end liquor
  2. The Goa (Recovery of Arrear of Tax through Settlement) Amendment Ordinance 2020. Request for modification and extension of due date for making application under the scheme
  3. Provision of a Mass Transport System (MTS) connecting airports/ ports/bus stands/railway stations with cities and towns.
  4. Reduction of VAT Rate of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) from 12.5% to 3%
  5. Construction of the new Borim Bridge
  6. Amendments to payment of infrastructure tax by builders
  7. Withdrawal of Stamp Duty on POA
  8. Roll back of 1% market fee reintroduced on raw cashew purchases outside of the market yard
  9. Special incentives for going GREEN for Goan Industries

GCCI has also proposed a Resident IT Skilling Institute

The mass in Goa lacks passion for technology. Mass skilling infrastructure arrangements from private players have failed in Goa due to a lack of interest amongst students and graduates to pursue training programs during and post-graduation. A select few prefer a six months course in Pune rather than in Goa. Employment opportunities could also be a factor. Training institutes in Pune have better job opportunities than those in Goa.

A specialised training institute directly linked with good job opportunities will attract the immediate attention of the tech crowd. Training for just skill upgradation is not enough to attract the masses.

The biggest challenge faced by the outstation tech crowd is finding accommodation and a balance with social life. Although Goa welcomes tourists of all kinds, it is not an inclusive community for working professionals. Hence the demand for forming residential clusters around IT parks, which could be vertical buildings. Strong incentives are needed for the first 5000 working professionals moving to Goa to get a head start for the IT industry to drive self-growth.

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