GCCI leads to create an inclusive system in employment for Persons with Disability

Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has partnered with Purple Fest, as part of the programme, ‘Exploring Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disability in the Corporate Sector’. Along with Labour and Employment Department and Office of the State Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities in association with EnAble India, a series of Purple Think Tank sessions to deliberate on employment opportunities in the Government and private sectors.

The Office of the State Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in association with EnAble India, an organisation working towards livelihood of Persons with Disabilities (PwD), Bengaluru organised a special session on Employment and Livelihood for Persons with Disabilities.

President of GCCI, Ralph de Souza stressed, “The time has come, albeit late, but we are now extremely serious about utilising various companies across industries in Goa to employ potentially skilled workforce from among Persons with Disability. World over this inclusion is being incorporated, and it is time we come together to create a society with professionals, where disability will not be a barrier to jobs. This calls for a drastic change in India.”

“It is a step in the desired direction to provide employability to Persons with Disability as Goa’s premier non-profit business, support services, and networking organisation will take my mission forward in the corporate sector. I congratulate GCCI for partnering with Purple Fest and hope that PwD in Goa reap benefit and gain skilful employment,” expresses Guruprasad Pawaskar, Commissioner for Persons with Disability.

Siddharth Kuncoliencar, Chairman of Sanjay Centre for Special Education is elated that Purple Fest is happening in Goa. “It’s a platform that can propel our talented and skilled Persons with Disability to be productive in society at a workplace and live a happy live. This is a welcome initiative by EnAble India and GCCI.”

Shanti Raghavan, Founder and Chief Enabler, EnAble India said that “This event will enable companies to visualise their own journey of hiring and inclusion of persons with disability and will help them realise the immense possibilities that can unfold.”
This is a critical step towards creating awareness for all towards enabling livelihoods for persons with disability.

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