Game changers of technology congregate at Tangentia Open (Asia Edition)

The Asia Edition of Tangentia Open held at ITC Grand Bharat saw people connect, build new networks and play golf

Tangentia Open (Asia Edition) recently brought together 76 participants, – 25 leaders, 46 managers, and 4 founders/owners.
The event dove into the future of automation, tackled virtual workforce hurdles, and explored the world of Artificial Intelligence. Conversations sparked insights into where tech is headed, creating a real buzz.
“But let’s lay it all out– Tangentia Open wasn’t just a tech talk. It was a mix of serious innovation and a good dose of celebration. The program not only un-wrapped the thrills of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) but also gave everyone a chance to connect and collaborate. The experience at ITC Grand Bharat – ITC Classic Golf and Country Club, was more than just business. The golf matches − golf tournament, breathtaking sunsets, and unexpected visits from peacocks – all in an ambience where everyone was made to feel truly welcomed. This outdoor vibe created the perfect backdrop for people to connect, build relationships, and turn Tangentia Open into a professional yet fun experience,” says Vijay Thomas, Founder-CEO of Tangentia.

Vijay Thomas, Founder-CEO of Tangentia seen teeing off on the golf course at the event

The tech company credits teamwork from participants, organisers, and sponsors for the success of Tangentia Open, which has left a tech-shaped mark on the scene.
“Reflecting on the event, Tangentia Open did not just solve problems; it has set the stage for fresh ideas and future discussions,” adds Thomas

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