Founders Club launched to accelerate the startup ecosystem in Goa

An association body called ‘Founders Club’ has been set up in order to aid and accelerate the startup ecosystem in
Goa. Contemporary times need innovation to thrive and as a result of which worthwhile interactions will aid in the development of Goa’s entrepreneurial landscape. Therefore, Goa stakeholders that include incubators, coworking
spaces, academia, and industry associations have come together with the goal of collaborating and innovating with their announcement of this new initiative for startups in Goa.
The Founders Club held its first event at GCCI. More than 100 participants witnessed the inaugural function that had provided the necessary space for startup groups and industrialists coming from different sectors. Startup organisations also had the opportunity to connect with prominent industrialists from different sectors including Jack Sukhija, Kirit Maganlal, and Goutam Raj.
The CEO of Goa’s Startup & IT Promotion Cell, D. S. Prashant, and the Chairman of GCCI’s Startup Committee, Lalit Saraswat moderated the inaugural program.
The Founders Club has been established to function as a platform that will enable entrepreneurs, business leaders, founders of startups, innovators, students, and individuals who strive to initiate their own startup to have key discussions in the upcoming monthly events that will be held across Goa at different sites.
This pivotal measure will witness various and distinct perspectives and insights during discussions from participants who will be given the opportunity to present their ideas and visions and founders who will enrich the interactions with their stories and experiences that shaped their dreams and plans.
This program endeavours to create and support a community of founders and visionaries to associate with one another, share key insights from years of experience, allowing them to join forces with the aim to propel progress further. Those participating in these monthly events can look forward to an engaging forum that will serve
the purpose for swapping ideas, thereby enabling them to obtain valuable insights and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the startup space.

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