FiiRE Goa powers TourismTech with Credence Cleantech

With their mission to make energy cleaner and more affordable, Credence Cleantech is paving the way for a greener future where sustainable tourism flourishes in Goa and beyond.

Sumit Monpara

Picture this: You are sipping a cold beer at a beachside resort in Goa, knowing it’s brewed with steam that’s 100% green. Or imagine exploring attractions powered by clean energy, leaving no carbon footprint behind.
Even the cargo ships bringing goods to Goa’s ports run on green hydrogen. This isn’t just a dream − it is becoming a reality, thanks to Credence Cleantech. Supported by the Credence Cleantech the Forum for Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship (FiiRE Goa) at Don Bosco Engineering College, this startup is transforming how we use clean energy, with exciting possibilities for the tourism industry.

How clean energy can transform tourism:

Credence Cleantech, born on July 15, 2022, is on a mission to make energy not just cleaner but also more affordable. They focus on producing low-cost green electricity, green hydrogen, and zero-carbon steam.
Using advanced technologies like Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and High-Temperature Electrolysis (HTE), the startup is tackling some of the biggest challenges in renewable energy. Their vision? To use solar power directly for efficient green hydrogen production, making these technologies more accessible and paving the way for their widespread use.

The people behind the innovation: Credence Cleantech’s groundbreaking work by a small but spirited team:
• Sumit Monpara: The technical genius, handling everything from programming to solar geometry, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, and mathematics.
• Karpit Patel: The Artificial Intelligence (AI) whiz, focusing on making their tech smarter with machine learning.
• Krunal Bagadiya: The mechatronics maestro, involved in market analysis and developing Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC).
• Vedang Patel: The AI enthusiast, leading climate-focused research in image processing and solar technology.
Each of these innovators brings their unique skills to the table, creating a synergy that is driving Credence Cleantech forward.

Karpit Patel

Achievements that shine
At IIT Goa’s Electrical Lab, Credence Cleantech built a heliostat − think of it as a high-tech mirror that focuses sunlight to supercharge CSP systems.
This isn’t just any mirror; it is a sophisticated piece of technology that optimises sunlight capture and energy generation.
Supported by a `10 lakh grant from the National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) Prayas scheme through FiiRE Goa, this heliostat uses AI to fine-tune its control, making it a significant step forward in clean energy tech.

Bringing sustainability to Goa’s tourism
Goa is known for its stunning beaches and lively culture, but with Credence Cleantech’s innovations, it is also becoming a beacon of sustainable tourism.

Krunal Bagadiya                                                                               

Here’s how:
• Green Breweries: Imagine a beer brewed with zero-carbon steam. Local breweries can now craft beverages with clean energy, appealing to eco-conscious tourists who appreciate a green twist on their favorite drinks.
• Sustainable Attractions: From eco-friendly transport to attractions powered by green hydrogen, tourist spots can offer services that meet the growing demand for sustainable travel experiences. Visitors can enjoy their adventures knowing they are contributing to a cleaner planet.
• Green Hydrogen for Transport: Even the cargo ships that bring goods to Goa can run on green hydrogen. This not only reduces emissions from shipping but also supports the state’s goal of becoming a leader in sustainable tourism. Imagine ships powered by solar energy, delivering everything from food to souvenirs with a minimal carbon footprint.

Why This Matters
The world is changing, and so are travelers. More people are looking for destinations that care about the environment. Credence Cleantech’s technology allows Goa to offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and responsible tourism. It is about more than just seeing the sights; it is about making a positive impact. This approach not only supports the environment but also boosts the local economy, creating jobs and setting new standards for the tourism industry.

Vedang Patel

Looking Forward
Credence Cleantech isn’t stopping here. They are gearing up for commercialisation with a paid pilot project, aiming to weave their clean energy solutions into everyday life. Their vision? A greener future where sustainable tourism flourishes in Goa and beyond. So next time you visit, you might find yourself not just enjoying the scenery but also contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

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