Delhi approves payment of PF dues to Sesa mining workers in installments

Retrenched employees of Sesa Mining Company of the mining block have been informed that they will be paid their Provident Fund (PF) dues in installments after approval from the head office in Delhi. The retrenched employees had met up with the PF officer in Panjim to address the issue of the pending dues.

The PF officer informed the employees that the necessary permission for the release of the pending PF dues has been forwarded across to Delhi and after approval from the head office; the employees will receive the pending dues in installments.

The officer also informed the employees that any accumulated interest would be recovered. If the rate of investment was not met, the amount would be recovered from the management, thereby ensuring the employees receive their money along with the accumulated interest.

Last week, the retrenched workers of Sesa had gathered in front of Sesa Ghor at Patto demanding the release of their pending PF due. Dozens of workers had gathered outside the office at Patto to protest over the non-payment of their PF amounts. The workers demanded the attention of the company’s management by holding placards and voicing their grievances so that the company could agree to address their demands.

The workers stated that despite repeated requests and attempts to communicate with the management regarding the release of their pending dues, their grievances were not adequately heard.

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