Dabolim airport faces passenger drop amidst shifting airlines

 The director of Goa International Airport, Dabolim, S V T Dhanamjay Rao, noted a decline of 15-20% in passenger footfall compared to the last financial year, attributed to international airlines relocating to Mopa. Rao affirmed the airport’s enduring potential and growth, assuring that charters continue to operate, and no domestic airlines are considering a move to Mopa. Despite concerns raised by the opposition regarding Qatar Airways’ shift to Manohar International Airport, Mopa, Rao emphasised the airport’s continued operations, anticipating additional flights during the summer. The airport handled 8.4 million passengers last year, expecting a reduction to around 7 million this year due to airline relocations. Rao underscored Dabolim Airport’s resilience and growth prospects, dismissing doubts about its future viability.

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