Creating Special Moments with Meraki

If you want to add a special touch to your gifts, then Meraki has got you covered – ensuring an excellent gifting experience

Meraki was established in 2016 as a passion project by Shraddha Rajani, a lawyer turned creative entrepreneur. The journey began with the quest for the perfect birth announcement gift. It then moved to the next stage with tastefully designed handmade cards and has since evolved into a thriving business.
Their online shop today offers a premium selection of exclusive ribbons, twines, gift-wrapping solutions, Christmas décor, and in-house designed cards, at their store in Patto, Panaji. Meraki also curates merchandise from various home-grown brands – from ceramic ware, home textiles to other gift items, and hope to become the go-to store in Goa for everything gifting.

At Meraki, they view the exchange of gifts as an artful celebration, through belief in the beauty of expressing love through the thoughtful and creative act of presenting gifts. Their goal is to turn the exchange into a joyous and artistic experience, where each gift tells a unique and heartfelt story, where not only the present itself but even the manner in which it has been packed leaves an imprint in the mind and heart of the receiver.
The inspiration behind every product at Meraki stems from a desire to provide a diverse range of unique items that empower customers to create their own Pinterest-worthy moments. The vision is to offer premium products that reflect care, elegance, and a touch of enchantment. The final products are carefully curated to embody the spirit of thoughtful gifting.

The ribbon collections at Meraki are extensive and exclusive. A lot of thought has gone into picking the right designs, colour palette, fabrics, and the like. With changing trends in the gifting industry, the choice of material and colour also changes but what stays consistent is the premium quality and the attention to detail. What is also special is that many of their ribbons are wire-edged thus making them a perfect match for decorators, crafters, and gift-packers who want to shape perfect bows each time, without having them to droop.
Every so often they strive to create and develop novel items that are handcrafted, such as tassels and twines. Their bows, hand-printed social stationary and greeting cards are also designed by their team. Each product is created with care, ensuring that it meets the standards of elegance and style associated with Meraki.
Sustainability is a priority at Meraki. They are committed towards incorporating eco-friendly options in their products and reusing their packaging materials. Through responsible practices, they try to minimise their environmental impact for a greener future. Thus, Meraki places emphasis on recycling, reusing, and reducing in order to lessen their carbon footprint. For instance, during their Christmas collection launch, they focussed more on creating glass, paper, and wooden ornaments along with handmade papers and wraps instead of conventional plastic décor and wraps widely used in the market.

To reach customers across India, Meraki employs a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Their website,, serves as a platform for customers to explore and purchase their exquisite products and they engage in social media marketing, that showcases their premium handcrafted collection thus connecting them to their audience on various platforms. Moreover, they participate in exhibitions out of Goa that enables them to tap into a larger customer base.
As the Christmas season approaches, Meraki offers a stunning range of Christmas décor, including unique handmade glass tree ornaments, tree fillers and toppers, home décor, festive ribbons and wrapping solutions, gift boxes, ready-made bows, as well as gift toppers. These products are designed to add a touch of magic to the holiday celebrations, thereby providing customers with great options to make their Christmas presents exchange memorable.

Looking forward, Meraki is committed towards expanding its product range for effortless and joyful everyday gifting. While specific details are under wraps, customers can anticipate the introduction of new and exciting products, including more décor, accessories, among other products that align with their vision of creating unique and treasured memories through the art of thoughtful gifting.

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