CM Dr. Pramod Sawant officially launches flagship Swayampurna 2.0

Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant officially launched Swayampurna Goa 2.0, with the declared aim “to make Goa swayampurna (self-reliant) in  every sector.”

Dr. Sawant stated that  Swayampurna Goa 2.0 aims to expand the scope (of the project) with the appointment of  ‘Swayampurna Mitras’ for a number of wards in municipal areas, organizing study tours and taking the ‘Sarkar Tumchya Daari’ initiative (government at your doorstep) to remote places.

While elaborating on his plans on Swayampurna Goa and Sarkar Tumchya Daari, Dr. Sawant said, “The change will be seen this time. We want to  initiate the same programme in the interiors also. We are providing 121 services  online, too, which people are still not aware about. There are nearly 15 lakh people who have availed of these services.

There are 78 centres in the state which are facilitating these services at minimum charges.”

At the launch, Dr. Sawant interacted with the Swayampurna Mitras, sarpanchas and panch members and congratulated then for  the implementation of Swayampurna Goa which was launched in October 2020. Sawant added that the entire system has worked very hard since the launch to achieve the objectives with innovative ideas and hard work.

The Chief Minister said that he is sure that the Swayampurna Mitras, nodal officers and Swayampurna Sahayaks will do a flawless job in achieving the targets set for Swayampurna Goa 2.0

While adding that government  employees are coming forward to become Swayampurna Mitras, Dr. Sawant said that everyone has to plan how to  make Goa swayampurna in the next five years. He also said that the state government will felicitate those people who have started their businesses and become successful under Swayampurna Goa 1.0. He further added that the  records of work done under the program will have to be maintained to see how many people have benefitted from the programme and that if needed, the scheme can be amended so that it reaches all sections of the society.

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