Celebrating Stories at the Rolling Book Shop


The Rolling Book Shop by Broadway Book Centre takes stories across the State of Goa – on wheels

With the aim of celebrating literature and the art of reading, The Rolling Book Shop located in Margao is a heaven on earth for all long time-readers or those just embarking on their journey in the world of novels. It aims to create the desire to promote literacy and a love for reading, which is the driving force for the same.

Moreover, it allows for a greater outreach, targeting those areas where access to traditional bookstores might be limited − such as the unexplored rural side of Goa. Thus a bookstore on wheels can bring books to communities that may not have easy access to traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores, making not just stories but knowledge attainable.

The concept of a moving book store can evoke a sense of adventure and storytelling. The mobile nature of the bookstore may be seen as a journey, that is after visiting each location across Goa, a new chapter is added to the overall narrative. By visiting different neighbourhoods, schools, and events, it can actively promote a reading culture and engage with diverse communities. It provides a unique and innovative retail experience, attracting attention and curiosity from potential readers.

The Rolling Book Shop represents the avid reader; they understand the magic that unfolds when one gets to the first page of the novel, the curious journey that comes with exploring the world of different genres, and the absolute thrill of discovering the perfect book. That is why at the Rolling Book Shop, customers can find a carefully curated set of books that is a diverse collection consisting of genres like fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and a whole lot more. They believe that stories have the ability to not just inspire and provide the necessary knowledge but also to connect people.

In addition, this bookstore can easily participate in various events such as festivals, fairs, and community gatherings, providing a flexible and adaptable approach to book retail. One of the more important aspects of a moving book-house is its function as a medium for local authors – putting them in a spotlight, thereby allowing them to showcase their work and connect with their readers within their communities. Therefore, it functions as a platform to support local authors and independent publishers. By featuring works from local writers, the travelling bookstore becomes a champion for the local literary community.

By visiting schools, the bookstore on the move helps to promote literacy among students and educators. This can enhance educational initiatives and supplement classroom resources. It also serves as a cultural and social hub, providing a space for people to come together, discuss books, and participate in literary events.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at the Rolling Book Shop are always ready to help the customer to find the perfect book or provide recommendations of the latest books in the world of literature.

At the Rolling Book Shop, a customer’s literary journey is one where every page is a step towards the magical world of books that creates, explores, and celebrates the wonders of literature and whether seasoned or beginner, the reader can be ensured of finding a home away from home.

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