Celebrating luxury and women

The 6th edition of The Luxury Symposium was hosted by Ritu Beri in Goa recently

The 6th edition of The Luxury Symposium 2022 concluded in Goa with the esteemed presence of Union Minister of Culture & External Affairs, MeenakshiLekhi as the Chief Guest & HRH Queen DiambiKabatusuila of Congo.

The Luxury League organized its third edition of The Showcase 2022, a pop up of global talent from 26th – 27th March 2022. The event also had the support of the Ministry of Tourism of India and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

“India is so luxurious that every national has the capacity of being the designer himself or herself. I believe Luxury Symposium will take the luxury forward to the world in many ways” said MeenakshiLekhi.

“Let us reimagine luxury in an Indian context. The Luxury League promotes luxury as a powerful agent of change through Indian art and craft. Our endeavour is to strengthen the voice of India by showcasing our artistic talents and brands,” sayRituBeri, Founder, The Luxury League.

The Luxury League is a not-for-profit foundation, India’s first most powerful and influential platform for branding culture as luxury engaged in branding India, globally.

The foundation serves as a standard-bearer to promote Indian arts, craft and heritage and is a global ambassador for Indian culture. The foundation also aims to create an environment conducive to creative thinking through dialogue and exchange of ideas amongst like-minded people, purveyors of luxury, global decision-makers, and the Government.

A consortium of decision makers, artisans, craftsmen, corporate global brands, consumers as well as the Government came together on the same platform and reimagined the connotations of luxury in a global context. TLS2022 was a cultural collaboration of beauty, design, fashion and creative artforms at Hilton Goa Resort.

The Showcase 2022: The objective of this display exhibit platform was to promote ‘Brands that bring glory to India’ and strengthen the voice of India, globally. This year, the event saw the participation of global brands representing beauty, textiles, accessories and many more.

“At The Luxury League we celebrated the contribution of eminent people from different walks of life. To honour excellence that has excelled globally and significantly contributed in putting India on the map,” added Beri

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