Call to resume mining while safeguarding the environment


Calls to resume mining operations in Goa have grown louder. At a public hearing, a common narrative was to resume mining activity by excluding the entire Shirgao village and the temples from the lease

People gathered in large numbers for the public hearing regarding the resumption of mining operations at Zantye hall.

The majority of the people called for resuming mining while some opposed it. The public hearing was attended by Dr Shamila Monteiro, Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) member secretary; Dr Sneha Gitte, North Goa Collector;  Rohan Kaskar, Deputy Collector; and officials of various other departments. Police personnel were also deployed during the public meeting to maintain law and order.

The public hearing was held to discuss environmental clearances required for mining 0.5 million tons of iron ore per annum under block III at Shirgao.  Except for a few complaints, the proceedings went smoothly. Around 300 villagers were present during the meeting.

Most of the suggestions revolved around safeguarding the village’s ecology, natural water resources, and agricultural lands while some also suggested omitting the entire village from the mining village. Some suggested giving back control of more than 12,000 lakh hectares of Comunidade land.

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