Business Goa Braves Covid

Business Goa survived two waves of Covid, a lockdown last year and a sort-off lockdown this year writes Chief Reporter SYBIL RODRIGUES

Along with tourism, print media suffered the most in the vortex of the world’s largest health emergency in a hundred years. Breakdown of supply chains, a cut down in the number of printed copies and readers shifting to digital mediums along with the cutting down of advertisements by the advertisers which created financial problems, led to a lot of dailies shutting shop, along with a few magazines as well.

Most of our stories, since the past one year, have been on people surviving the pandemic, living on hope and of course, their perseverance, which helped them get through these tough times. Our columns too, are on how to survive during a pandemic, be it financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. Everyone is giving advice, do this, don’t do that, go here, don’t go there and so on. We have learnt a lot from the pandemic is what everyone says and I suppose it holds true.

So how did we survive? Saying sheer hard work and dedication would not be entirely honest, but both of these, along with tons of luck, are what helped us sail through these turbulent times.

Here is how we do things differently at Business Goa:

  1. Family matters more than we realise

When I say family here, I mean our little family at work. We are a mixed bunch. While some are over-enthusiastic about reporting to work, come hell or high water; or in this case, covid, lockdowns and curfews, the others would rather work from home. And who is caught in the middle? Bossman of course, having to hear the pros of working from home and cons of not coming to work.

Leaving us to deal with the issue, we manage to co-ordinate and get things done, no matter where we are, in office or working in our shorts from the comfort of our balcãos. Decisions are taken jointly, and no matter what happens, at the end of the day, work is done. So yes, we have problems like every family does, but sit down (far apart of course), discuss the issue at hand, and start working. Works like a charm.

  1. Measure output and not hours

Many businesses have been measuring productivity through the numbers of hours put in. We on the other hand, have the liberty to work with flexible timings. Excuses are varied (and bizarre too!!), ranging right up from taking a loved one to the doctors, the ozone in the air flattened my tires, to my cat is feeling depressed today and I can’t report to work. Thankfully, we are a monthly magazine and can bring out an issue before the fag of the month. Of course, this includes the mad rush before we send it in for print, endless cups of coffee, and a few expletives thrown here and there. The pandemic has taught us that it matters less how long it takes someone to do a task and more that they get the job done effectively.

  1. There is always a solution to a problem

You can always find a solution to a problem. As the media landscape changed throughout the year and we watched publishing houses go through layoffs, editorial priorities were changing constantly. The art of pivoting is invaluable. You need to have the ability to pivot and find a solution at any given moment.

  1. Nurturing strong relationships

If we were able to churn out issue after issue, even though we took it one day at a time, it wouldn’t be possible without our advertisers and subscribers. Their support didn’t come out of thin air. We have cultivated these relationships over the years, while maintaining consistency in our work. When it mattered most, these supporters stood by us, and continue standing by us, till date. Now, we are stronger than we have ever been.

  1. Communicating thoughtfully

Communication is crucial, but it can also be the Achilles’ heel of any organisation. Thanks to everyone’s different natures here (Scorpios, Aries, Capricorns and Geminis), we have our days when we sulk and make faces at one another. Nothing beats sitting down and talking out a problem. We communicate clearly and honestly so others don’t need to guess and possibly fill voids with inaccurate information, which leads to misunderstandings. Have an issue? Talk it out.

  1. Celebrating small wins

Covid has taught us to celebrate every issue that comes out, no matter the number of pages. There are times when we are at a loss for content and decide on the articles at the last minute.

We have had to drop stories due to multiple reasons, which we accommodate in the next issue of course, but every month when we get the copy of Business Goa in our hands, it’s like a little victory for us.

  1. Work and Play – Having fun

Not a day goes by without having a laughing fit at least once during work hours. Be it playing catch with a pack of tissues, watching funny videos, doing karaoke, cracking all sorts of jokes or trying some idiotic dance step, the laughs help with improving resilience and optimism, especially during these difficult times.

After all, all work and no fun would make us dull BGians.


Narayan Bandekar, NRB Group, Chandan Groups

I am very happy that Business Goa has completed twelve years of unstinted success. I congratulate Harshvardhan Bhatkuly on this achievement. It is with his commitment and sense of purpose that the magazine has reached to this position.

Business Goa magazine is a name synonymous with business in Goa. It is Goa’s first and only business magazine dedicated to industry, trade and commerce. The magazine has managed to capture the imagination of everyone who is connected to business in Goa and beyond.

The magazine cares for improvement of local Goan lifestyle in business, startups, MSMEs, education, community development including health.

Our company has had a long association with Business Goa Awards – an event that recognises and felicitates entrepreneurial contribution; and excellence in the state.

I wish the Business Goa team all the very best and hope they continue to create great content, to keep us informed through the magazine.

Showcasing new business ventures

Hearty congratulations to Business Goa for completing their 12 year milestone! The magazine has given Goan businesses a great platform to showcase upcoming business ventures and startups and also bring to the fore the pinnacles attained by veteran business houses. Wishing the Business Goa team all the very best for the future.

Dr Tejashree Colvalcar, IVF Angels Goa

Promoting and Representing Industry Interests

Goa’s only business magazine, Business Goa has had a big hand in promoting, representing and motivating Goa’s business fraternity with their magazine as well as the Awards. The magazine’s love for the business sector continues to remain strong, making it a treat to read as well as keep its readers informed of things going on and accomplishments in the entrepreneurial space. I wish Business Goa all the best and more success to come.

Dr. Sangam Kurade, Dr. Kurade’s

Mac Vaz, Madame Rosa Distillery

Passion & Vision

Business Goa is a fine example of finding a niche and doing justice to it – with commitment, passion and vision. Twelve years on the trot, when many pulled down their shutters due to the pandemic, is by itself a measure of perseverance.

When I browse through Business Goa, it reflects an ear to the ground quality where there is a lot to read. Starting with an insightful editorial that reflects Harshvardhan’s thought leadership and good wishes to Goa’s business community, the rest of the magazine does justice to entrepreneurs of all ages. I recollect a famous motivational quote that Harsh shared with my kids years ago. “It takes 10000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of a skill”. I will say, “Heaven helps the man who helps himself” and this has proved to be the case with Business Goa

A Platform That Supports Entrepreneurs

When people see Business Goa magazine, it’s more than that. It is a brand… a platform that builds entrepreneurs, motivates them and showcases their hidden talents from around Goa. I wish Business Goa the very best. The work of a writer and reporter never stops and on their corporate anniversary, I wish them a long and prosperous journey.

Prashant Kumar, Hospitality Consultant

Motivating Businesses

Business Goa has been consistently providing information about businesses in and around Goa. The magazine has always been recognized as the best by the industry and entrepreneurs across Goa.

‘Business Goa Awards’ have been a great sense of motivation for businesses across the state.

Raghu Shetye, Chandan Groups


Business Goa has created a niche for itself in Goan media for business and entrepreneurship.

Through his dynamic leadership skills and goodwill, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly has brought and continues to bring seasoned, young and innovative entrepreneurs into the spotlight.

Gaurish Dhond, Governor, Rotary Int’l District 3170


Dr. Vinod Shirodkar, Real Group of Companies

Hearty congratulations to Business Goa team and Harshvardhan Bhatkuly and his family on the 12th Anniversary of the magazine.

Business Goa is not only a magazine but also an identity symbol of many business enterprises and organizations in Goa.

There were and there are many businesses in Goa since so many decades which we used to hear of since childhood, but now we know them better as Business Goa introduces them to us, not only in Goa but also in many other countries through its website and social media handles.

The concept of ‘Business Goa Awards’ is to boost, motivate and encourage businesses, whether a startup or an established business organization, including professionals from different streams.

I appreciate and applaud the founder of this magazine for his creative idea in adding great value not only to businesses but also to the lives of many people.


In pandemic times many businesses have suspended operations. In such extraordinary circumstances, Business Goa has weathered the storm, which speaks highly of the people behind it. Congratulations Team Business Goa, Harsh and his resource group. They have continued to address to business houses that “we are there to reach out to the readers and tell your story.” This keeps the Goan business community resilient.

Best wishes!

Amin Ladak, Chairman, Goa Management Association

Consistent Quality Read

Congrats Business Goa, Harsh and team. 12 years of consistency and quality are some of the reasons why I look forward to reading this magazine every month. Inspite of the pandemic, the Business Goa team has been churning out some awesome content, covering various topics, all related to the business ecosystem in the State. My best wishes for the future and achieving all the goals set by the magazine

Dinesh Sinari, Parijat Traders

Tenacity and Focus

Tenacity and focus to highlight and represent the voice of business and industry in Goa is what makes Business Goa stand out today. In an age where core businesses struggle to survive for even a decade, the perseverance of Harsh and his team to complete a dozen years and yet retain its shine is commendable. Our best wishes for the next dozen!

Kirit Maganlal, Magsons Supercentre

Voice of Business

Congratulations Business Goa for completing 12 years of publishing.

Harsh has displayed visionary entrepreneurial qualities when he decided to start a magazine dedicated to Goa’s business community.

The print quality and content of the magazine can be benchmarked against the best business magazines in the country. He has put many Goan industry captains, business houses, first gen entrepreneurs and Goa based startups on the covers of Business Goa, giving much needed exposure to young entrepreneurs. The magazine has also constantly highlighted the challenges faced by Goan businesses

Hearty congratulations.

Anup Bhobe, Duclo Bhobo

Focus on small and medium entrepreneurs

Business Goa’s singular contribution to Goa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is that the magazine has brought to focus entrepreneurs who wouldn’t too often be in public gaze; much less be celebrated for their strides in their ventures.

The stories of their trials and tribulations have helped these small and medium enterprises to create a profile and voice in the business landscape of the state, all thanks to the magazine, which has been a steady and consistent platform for Goa’s entrepreneurs for 12 years.

Sushant Tari, TPT Productions Pvt Ltd


Business Goa has become a name synonymous with persistence. 12 is believed to be a ‘number of perfection’. By its 12th anniversary, Business Goa has demonstrated both ‘persistence’ as well as ‘perfection’ in what it does best – focusing on the entrepreneurial canvas in Goa. On its 12th anniversary, Risara Properties congratulates Business Goa for being benchmark recognition for businesses in Goa. We wish you all the very best for a glorious future!

Gaurang Suctancar, Risara Properties

July 2021


Goa’s only business magazine was out on the news-stands despite the challenges thrown at us by the pandemic

The eleventh anniversary issue in July 2020 focussed on the ‘7Cs of Leadership’ bringing to the fore leadership qualities that makes one stand out in the face of a pandemic. Anil Counto’s ALCON made it to Goan Brand; while CEO of the Goa Startup Promotion Cell, Ankita Anand, featured in the Interview Section. Dr Rahul Kakodkar, a well known liver surgeon featured as our Professional of the month; and Sumeet and Archana Bhobe spoke about social media and staying connected during a pandemic in the Leisure section.

In August 2020, critical thinker and scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar and his 5-point strategy to overcome the technology deficit in the country featured as our Cover Story. Starting Young showcased Divya Sinari and her venture, The Cleaning Crew, and Velvin Group with their eco-friendly work stations formed part of Goan Brand.

In September 2020 Ajai Chowdhry, founder of HCL graced our cover with an impassioned plea for India to up its technology game. The issue also saw five focus stories, putting the spotlight on Real Estate, GST, Mining, Industry and Tourism. Well-known gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr. Neha (Tarna) Khadpe spoke of her fascination for the medical field in Professional Dossier, while Radio Jockey, singer, compere and writer Ayesha Barretto elaborated on the myriad things that she loves doing in Lady Power.

October 2020 found the rainmaker, Rajkumar Kamat, speak of the success story of BNI Goa and the enterpreneurial ecosystem that it has harnessed in its 10 year span. The issue also saw Amey Pareskar and Rahul Kamat’s brand Fresh Patlo in the Goan Brand. The interview section witnessed Goa’s industry captains sit down and discuss Goa re-opening after the lockdown; and Lady Power had Dr Suhani Mendonsa who outlined her journey from being a mehendi artist to juggling roles as a talk show host, social activist, mentor and guide.

November 2020 featured Suraj Morajkar and his most ambitious business offering, Hilton Goa Resort as our Cover Story. Focus Goa highlighted Goa’s environmental concerns, the need for a retail policy and industry heads coming together to request the Government to apply a waiver to MSMEs and small businesses. Luxury Brand displayed Ulhas Jewellers, a name synonymous with Goan Heritage, while Professional Dossier highlighted structural engineer Shirish Kamat. Bon Appetit focussed on Pranav Dhuri’s gastrobar, Petisco that combines good food, drinks and the perfect ambience.

December 2020, our festive issue saw our Cover Story celebrating Christmas amidst the pandemic by showcasing businesses who chose to make merry in the ‘new normal’. Architect Shefali Cordeiro and her Line and Dot Studio made it to Starting Young, and Sairaj Dhond’s Wakao Foods was featured as part of our Goan Brand for the month. Professional Dossier highlighted model, mother, chef and restaurateur, Sarah Todd; and Amin Ladak, Chairman of Goa Management Association, shared his plans for the organisation.

January 2021 heralded India’s 1000 crore-startup India seed fund in with a mission for its startups and unicorns to emerge as global giants, as part of our Cover Story. Aliston Dias, a video content creator featured in Starting Young, while Gaurabh Quenim’s myriad ventures under his brand GNQ Hospitality, was our Goan Brand. Priyanka Row outlined her journey from a luxury hotelier to mind coach in Lady Power; and Jonathan Rodrigues made a pitch for mediation as a means of dispute resolution in Professional Dossier.

February 2021 brought us the story of Goa’s Fernandez brothers, Aaron, Judah and Caleb, with their IT Company Kilowott, as part of our Cover Story. Focus shed light on the Union Budget 2021, and the state of Goa’s finances. Parth Teli spoke about his company SkullzMedia in Starting Young; and Blaise Costabir, Chairman, CII Goa Council on how the organisation has made a a difference to business in the Interview section. Bon Appetit showcased Palasha at La Cabana; as well as Nolan Mascarenhas’ quest to rekindle the spark of Goa’s original bread makers with his endeavour ‘Poder Chronicles’.

March 2021 saw Swati Salgaocar, a third generation entrepreneur, foraying into new territories and taking up causes espoused by organisations like CII, as our Cover Story. Focus Goa celebrated International Women’s Day, which feted the heroic women who are changing the world around them. Damodar Kochkar, President, Goa State Industries Association, spoke on the challenges faced by the industry post-covid, in the Interview section. Dr Kedar Padte elaborated on the surgical robot named Versius, in Health Care; and Café Caravela at Candolim, with their amazing breakfasts, made it to our Bon Appetit section.

April 2021 celebrated Goa Technology Association, under the leadership of Mangirish Salelkar, which has become the voice of IT entrepreneurs in Goa, in our Cover Story. Focus Goa explained the Goa Budget for the year 2021; and highlighted Vamona Navelcar, an artist who has lived, worked and expressed his art across three continents. Starting Young displayed Delfino’s Taleigao, which ushers in a new generation of the Group in the retail sector; while Louise Remedios took us behind the scenes at Reynold Weddings in Enterprise. Rajesh Joshi, CEO of Atal Incubation Centre at GIM, featured in the Interview section; and Romesh Dhamija, a much sought after wedding photographer, was part of our Professional Dossier.

May 2020 profiled a few of Goa’s Covid heroes, who went all out to help those affected and their families, in different ways. Focus Goa highlighted the recommendations of the Supreme Court CEC’s recommendations against the three linear projects, to the Apex Court. Technology had Spintly, who has made giant strides in the physical security and smart business space, going on to win the confidence of Riso Capital. Smitha Vijay was our entrepreneur for the month, with her venture Doorstep Goa, in our Enterprise section. New Brand saw Stilldistilling Spirits launching their new rum ‘Maka Zai’ which has been blended on Indian soil. Global Goa unveiled the Goan Community Centre in Brampton, Canada, a place where the Goan Overseas Association can call it a home.

June 2020 had Ralph de Sousa, as part of our Cover Story, where he speaks about the various challenges before Goa’s economy; the fate of tourism in view of the pandemic and other issues faced by the State. Aakash Khaunte and his brand Vaum, an avant-garde brand of tonic water was our Goan Brand of the month. Siddharth Kerkar spoke about his range of clothing, which is based on the philosophy of sustainability in Starting Young; while Dr Sanat Bhatkar shared his journey on becoming a neurologist and conducting a non-invasive brain surgery on a young boy in Professional Dossier.

All in all, a year of trials and tribulations and eventual satisfaction of being in print without a pause.


Urvija Bhatkuly
Group Head, Business Goa

The pandemic has impacted lives and businesses globally. Goa was no exception. Print media, all over the world, faced severe brunt with lockdowns coupled with the fear of touching paper; and slashing of advertising budgets. I am happy to say that Business Goa could withstand the covid storm and came out with an issue every month. This was only to display our commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Goa. I am even happier to inform that our long standing advertisers and readers have been the bulwark of the support from which our team could seek inspiration from. I would like to express my gratitude to our entire team, writers, columnists, advertisers, subscribers, readers… even critics… all who have shaped the journey of this magazine for 12 years.
I am reminded of the time when the magazine was launched and a senior industrialist accosted Harsh asking him who were the investors that are backing the magazine. “We have two investors… Shree Mahalakshmi and Shree Damodar,” he said. You could call it luck or divine grace that has been backing this magazine! Stay with Business Goa, as you always have.

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