Brushstrokes of Destiny

Urvi Keny’s journey from an amateur to becoming a budding artist

In the words of Vincent van Gogh, “Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.” This profound insight sets the stage for the remarkable artistic journey of Urvi Keny, whose path to becoming a celebrated artist is woven with dedication, inspiration, and a commitment to capturing the intricacies of human existence.

Hailing from the village of Goa Velha- Pilar, Urvi fondly reminisces about a childhood filled with vibrant experiences that shaped her artistic journey. Exploring fish markets, collecting shells on beaches, and bonding with the elderly were integral aspects of her upbringing in this close knit neighborhood. Her educational roots trace back to Sharada Mandir School in Panjim, where her dedication and quiet demeanour characterised her journey from nursery to higher secondary education. English and SUPW held a special place in her academic heart, while a growing fondness for sociology, psychology, and art marked her higher secondary years, laying the foundation for the artist she wouldbecome. At the age of six, Urvi’s artistic prowess emerged, winning her first award in an art competition themed ‘Carnival.’ Raised by parents entrenched in fine art and architecture, she was consistently encouraged to pursue formal education in fine art. This early exposure set her on a path of artistic exploration.

In her works, Urvi often employs singleline portraits and photographs as central elements, utilising painting and photo transfer processes, including benzene and cyanotypes. While her primary focus lies in these mediums, she has previously delved into sculptures, print, and installations. Inspiration for Urvi’s creations emanates from her surroundings, capturing the subtleties of human behaviour and the inter-connectedness of emotions with the environment. Her art serves as a narrative exploring the intricate web of human interactions, unveiling the impact of societal shifts on our feelings and actions.

The turning point in Urvi’s life unfolded during her bachelor’s studies at MS University in Baroda. This experience transcended geographical boundaries, breaking the confines of her Goan upbringing. Independence and resilience became her companions as she navigated hardships and scorching temperatures of 50 degrees to pursue her artistic goals. Her artistic process is a meticulous journey from documentation to completion. Capturing people in diverse situations and conversations, she seeks to understand their behaviours before translating these observations into layered paintings. Single-line drawings, photo transfers, and written conversations coalesce to create a comprehensive composition.

Urvi’s artistic endeavours have not gone unnoticed. Her participation in prominent exhibitions, including the ‘131st All India Annual Art Exhibition of The Bombay Art Society’ and the ‘104th All India Annual Exhibition of The Art Society of India,’ earned her recognition, culminating in the ‘Art Society Creative Award.’ Exhibiting at the esteemed Jehangir Art Gallery and JJ School of Art showcased her dedication to the craft. Her commitment extends to various other platforms, including shows in MS University, Baroda, and a group exhibition at Kala Academy, Goa, as well as ‘Impressions’ at the Directorate of Art and Culture, Patto, Panjim. Whether delving into the vibrant chaos of city life or immersing herself in the tranquil beauty of nature, Urvi’s art becomes a mirror reflecting the kaleidoscope of existence. Her recent foray into new mediums showcases a willingness to embrace experimentation and innovation. Urvi seamlessly incorporates technology into her repertoire, utilising digital platforms to amplify her artistic expressions. Her Instagram account @supu.and.don dedicated to her practice, further throws light on her enchanting works. This fusion of traditional techniques with modern tools not only expands the scope of her creativity but also underscores her adaptability in an ever-evolving artistic landscape.

In the midst of accolades and recognition, Urvi remains grounded in her commitment to fostering artistic communities. Actively engaging with emerging talents, she conducts workshops and mentorship programs, sharing her insights and inspiring the next generation of artists. Her belief in the transformative power of art extends beyond her own creations, echoing the sentiment that true artistic fulfillment lies in the shared journey of creation and discovery. With each stroke and each creation, she not only paints a visual masterpiece but also contributes to the ever-expanding dialogue of what it means to be an artist in a world of boundless possibilities.

Urvi imparts a message of fearlessness. She encourages fellow travellers to overcome concerns about limited financial opportunities and job prospects, emphasising that true passion will find a way. For those venturing into fine arts, she advocates stepping out of comfort zones, exploring new locales, and embracing independence. Urvi’s advice echoes a simple truth; “If one truly desires something, they will always find a way to attain it…every artist begins as an amateur” – profound words resonating through the corridors of artistic pursuit, Urvi’s journey stands as a testament to fervour and resolve.

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