Giving a voice to the youth


Dr. Mansi Santosh Kumbharjuvekar, has her fingers in many pies. After completing her graduation in Business administration, she attended MIT School of Film and Television in Pune. During that time she was also doing her research work in Film Preservation and Documentation at National Film Archive of India in Pune. Simultaneously, she also shot her first documentary on film, Salam a biography on the life of a legendary film projectionist, P.A Salam who dedicated his entire life to films.
Later, she pursued her Master’s in Anthropology. Mansi has covered plenty of stories as a journalist and as a documentary filmmaker on several social issues. She also worked with national media channels like NDTV, The Quint and The Better India. When she came back to Goa, she started her own company called Folk Living, a sustainable tourism company which focussed on the rural spaces of Goa. They would curate events and activities for tourists to understand the idea behind the folk life of Goa. Her main project right now is the Kunbi weave.
Mansi is also the founder, Editor In Chief at Goan Vichar, a young media channel which focuses on politics, entertainment, and social issues. Mansi states that a lot of people don’t like to comment about such issues in public and hence this portal encourages youth to participate in various discussions which will make a positive impact on Goa. Mansi was awarded a honorary doctorate for her contributions in the field of sociology.
Any influencer who can make content that can help or share a message is welcomed on Goan Vichar. Mansi wants to build a community starting from Goa and make such discussions easy to talk about.
Mansi says, Goan Vichar is at the community building stage. In the future, she would like to see Goans participating and becoming content creators. She wants Goan Vichar to become a platform for everyone to put out their views and opinions.


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