Bouquet of Cashew Delights

Zantye’s presents their latest offering, the Goan Cashew Katli, just in time for the festivities

The journey of the cashew nuts legacy in Goa started 450 years ago, when the cashew palm was brought to Goa by Portuguese missionaries to aid in the prevention of soil erosion in the region. The local people eventually took notice of this fruit’s amazing culinary qualities.
In the early 1900s, the cashew plants along India’s western coast flourished quickly and attracted a variety of entrepreneurs seeking to reap their benefits. Among them was Ganesh Mahadeo Prabhu Zantye, who established a family company involved in roasting cashew nuts at home and selling them in the thriving markets of Mumbai and Karachi. 
In due course, other techniques were used to broaden the scope of the small-scale sector, including the removal of moisture using heat chambers and cashew peeling. Gradation was introduced at the same time as packaging techniques started to advance, improving the delivery of high-quality consumable products.
In the early 1900s, the fruit’s depletion occurred as a result of its enormous appeal in the market throughout time. A Goan freedom fighter who was living in exile in East Africa at the same time returned to back home with information about the availability of raw cashews in Mombasa (Kenya). The cashew processing businesses seized this chance. Together with his brother Sriram, Narayan Zantye bought unroasted cashews from the nations of East Africa. They established cashew processing factories in Bicholim and other regions of the territory intending to expand their business.
A thriving cashew business from Maharashtra tried to export cashews to America in 1926. It was unsuccessful due to mediocre packaging methods. This sparked the interest of American businessmen in the ‘wonder nut’ that was blossoming in popularity along India’s western coast. The wonderfully distinct flavour of this nut was its main selling point. In India, Vita Pack Corporation representatives signed a contract with Narayan Zantye for a consistent supply of cashew kernels. In 1928, Zantye’s was given technical and financial support by the Vita Pack Corporation and the General Food Corporation to carry out the first successful shipment of cashew kernels to the United States.
The cashew processing industry in Goa began expanding quickly and hit a number of landmarks during the years 1942-1943. They were exporting about 70,000 cases of cashew nuts each year, which helped in creating jobs for locals. Along the way, several difficulties were encountered as the sector began to expand. The cashew processing business suffered significant losses as the major world powers headed into World War II. The state’s introduction of mining attracted a sizable portion of workers, further compounding the issues faced by cashew processing business owners.
The cashew sector regained its former glory after Goa’s liberation – the market has been booming ever since. Goa’s cashew processing sector is currently led by Zantye’s with its distribution of high-quality Goan cashews through a network of stores across the state. Zantye’s online store has also helped the brand build a strong presence all over India. The premium quality and taste of these cashew nuts have earned the trust of thousands of customers across the country as well as the world.
Today, Zantye’s is a leading cashew processing company and was the first in Goa to use organic farming techniques. In addition to plain drum roasted cashew nuts, the brand’s value-added products include a variety of flavoured cashews that are a popular favourite among snacks such as pepper cashews, chilly garlic cashews and choco cashews. Zantye’s has also expanded its line of nuts to include almonds and pistachios as well.
Recently, the brand has been focusing more on offering a more varied range of nut products. While this foray began with flavoured nuts, it sped on to the introduction of Zantye’s cashew butter and straight onto the latest offering, the Goan Cashew Katli.
The real game changer here is that this traditional Indian sweet is made with Zantye’s 100% pure Goan cashew nuts, making it stand out from the crowd. This highly popular sweet indulgence has received excellent feedback and the perfect launch timing played a significant role in its success as several festive occasions are right around the corner. Every celebration is sure to be even sweeter with a box of India’s beloved kaju katli.
Throughout the years, Zantye’s has managed to create a unique snacking experience in India, right from their healthy nuts with flavoured options to creamy cashew butter spread and a much-loved sweet that makes for the ideal gift. 
The team’s consistent approach to launching new products and rapidly boosting customer satisfaction has helped them make a mark in today’s market. Zantye’s has carved their own path in innovation, preparing down the line to push forward with the launch of their upcoming choco almonds and new additions to their range of flavoured nuts.

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