Bombay Sapphire’s ‘ART OF BOTANICALS’ stir creativity for a better future

Bombay Sapphire presented ART OF BOTANICALS -a Botany driven narrative that dwells on the brand’s legacy of celebrating sustainable practices. In its endeavor to foster a purpose-driven future, Bombay Sapphire collaborated with notable names in the key sustainable space across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, and Kolkata. The 5 cities hosted the discerning audience to an experiential that showcased creativity, sustainability, and versatility. The collaboration across the 5 key markets showcased an evening of bringing the story of botanicals through immersive experiences.

By partnering with entrepreneurs and brands in the sustainable innovation space such as Naso perfumery (Delhi), Herbivore Farms (Mumbai) and Anand Mallgavad (Bangalore), Vnya (Goa), and Karma Kettle (Kolkata) Bombay Sapphire aims to channel its drive for innovation towards creating something significant. Yet, simultaneously elevating the experience around spirits one sip at a time.

The evening aimed to drive the sipping experience further; from creating exclusive products that are a union of Bombay Sapphire’s 10 ethically sourced botanicals to conversations with key thought leaders from the world of spirits; a curated menu of entrees and quintessential gin-based cocktails inspired by the overall theme of sustainability.

Adtnu Tiwari, Brand Manager, Premium White Spirits says “Art of Botanicals showcases the craftsmanship & creativity that goes into every bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Currently, India is experiencing a growth in the number of entrepreneurs who are focusing on creative endeavors and cultural spaces that emphasize the significance of sustainability. We believe that gin-making is an art form and a truly creative pursuit when combined with sustainable practices. We are thrilled to collaborate with brands built around a similar ethos and look forward to bringing our botanicals to life in exciting and unexpected ways.”

Delhi’s Art of Botanicals by Bombay Sapphire was led by Naso Perfumery – India’s first all-natural, gender-neutral, green perfumery as they created a  limited-edition fragrance, inspired by the intricate botanical narrative of Bombay Sapphire. Naso used a select combination of floral notes to create a distinctive blend that evokes the essence of the liquid with the aquamarine hues of a picturesque lagoon.  To bring alive the Bengaluru “Art of Botanicals” experience, we hosted the conservationist Anand Malligavad, to shed light on his tireless fight to protect and rejuvenate the lakes and groundwater across Bengaluru and beyond. He talked about utilizing aquatic botanicals to purify polluted water bodies. For the Bombay-based Art of Botanicals experience, Bombay Sapphire collaborated with Herbivore Farms to inspire creativity outside the norm of what is expected to be creative. A botanical, herb-infused narrative that hopes to inspire creativity for change and a purpose-driven future.

Goa’s Art of Botanicals, Bombay Sapphire partnered with Vnya, a renowned organic produce brand, and Chef Tarun Sibal. The event highlighted the story of botanicals and emphasized Bombay Sapphire’s legacy of celebrating sustainable practices. The special culinary and bar experience entailed a waste-free menu, in keeping with the brand’s sustainability theme using organic produce from Vnya.  With Art of Botanicals Kolkata, we brought together a thoughtfully curated experience in collaboration with Yangdup Lama, one of the world’s finest mixologists. Lama curated a tea-infused gin cocktail workshop.

The collaborations fundamentally create an immersive experience that is both stimulating and invigorating. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S Stir Creativity campaign aims to revive and enable creative self-expression amongst the audience. For over three decades, the brand has collaborated with designers, artists, architects, and individuals from outside the creative industry to create experiences that reawaken creative potential.









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