BLive, the fastest growing multi-brand EV platform has  announced the opening of its  first EV experience store at Kochi offering a wide range of  products for personal mobility and businesses.

Through the store, the company aims to promote sustainable mobility by showcasing multiple brands of electric  two-wheelers (e2Ws), electric bicycles (e-bikes) and electric delivery vehicles all designed and manufactured by Indian brands.

The new store will also have an in-house quick-service kiosk, battery swap facilities, and EV charging infrastructure.

With the store, BLive  brings everything related to E2W under one roof housing key brands like Kinetic Green, BattRE, LML – Detel, Techo  Electra, Gemopai, E-Motorad,  Hero Lectro and others.

The store will also  offer  charging solutions, expert guidance on selecting the right EVs, and post sales service packages.

The store has a range of EVs for businesses such as delivery vehicles for E-commerce companies, food delivery companies etc.

Samarth Kholkar, Co-Founder, BLive, said, “With the launch of the multi-brand EV retail concept, BLive is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. We want to create awareness, drive accessibility and affordability of EVs to enable consumers to switch to electric.

BLive is connecting Indian customers with multiple brands on the BLive platform by setting up a one-stop shop for all consumer needs.

The BLive experience stores, which will soon be live across 100-plus locations in the  country, will help consumers experience and buy their choice of EVs.”

Sandeep Mukherjee, Co-Founder, BLive said, “We encourage business owners to adopt electric vehicles and give a  boost to their profitability which is suffering due to high fuel costs.

BLive has a host of innovative EV products and services which are suitable for all delivery and logistics needs customised vehicles, easy finance options, lease models, tech backend.

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