BLive launches Green Hospitality Program- a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote EV adoption in hospitality industry

The leading multi-brand EV platform will extend the benefits of this unique program to over 200+ hotels and resorts in the next two years. The company is looking at deploying 1000 EVs under this program which will cater to the needs of over 20k travelers on a monthly basis.

India’s leading multi-brand EV platform BLive has launched its unique Green Hospitality Program (GHP)- a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote green mobility and climate-conscious tourism in the hospitality industry.  It will help the hospitality industry to deliver a unique environment-friendly experience to their guests inside the campus, as they are going to use EVs for all internal transportation. Apart from that it will also help them to meet their ESG Goals (Environmental, social, and governance goals) and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Going forward, BLive will extend the benefits of this program to over 200 hotels and resorts in the next two years. During this, the company is looking at deploying 1000 electric under this program which will cater to the impact of over 20k travelers on a monthly basis. BLive will act as a one-stop shop also for hospitality brands to help them buy, rent or lease electric vehicles in a hassle-free manner. It will be deploying electric vehicles on a lease-to-own model and end-to-end service support for smoother operations.

Under GHP, BLive is going to provide hotels, resorts, and hospitality chains with a range of EV options including e-cycles, electric 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers along with fast charging stations on their premises. With high-speed charging stations, BLive will help its partners to provide a seamless EV experience to their guests and staff.

In the first stage of this initiative, BLive has joined hands with the country’s leading hospitality brands such as JW Marriott Bangalore, Novotel, and Varca Le Palm Goa to kick off with switching to electric mobility. In its current partnership, the company has provided EV charging infrastructure to Novotel, electric 3-wheelers to Heritage Village Club and Varca Le Palms Beach Resort Goa, and 5 e-cycles to JW Marriott.

Ronan Fearon, General Manager of JW Marriot, expressed, “With rising environmental concerns, it is crucial to adopt the best practices that enable us to deliver environment-friendly experiences to our customers and become more sustainable. Our partnership with BLive will support us in accelerating EV adoption and achieving our common objective of building a cleaner and greener future”

Elaborating on the GHP program, Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Co-Founder, BLive said, “The hospitality industry is a burgeoning sector that is experiencing a boom with a rise in the number of travelers flocking to various destinations. Thus, it becomes imperative for hospitality brands to switch to sustainable practices to cater to the demand by minimizing their impact on the environment. The role of electric vehicles in combating climate change has been acknowledged by all. With GHP we are helping our partners with our expertise, choice, and ease of ownership as well. In addition to benefits such as reducing carbon footprints, it also brings huge cost advantages to them by scaling up their revenue generation capabilities.”

The serious climate challenges have pivoted the focus of the hospitality industry towards sustainability. As leading hospitality brands put greener and cleaner practices at the core of their business strategies, BLive believes the Green Hospitality Program will act as a catalyst to help them achieve their sustainability targets faster. Additionally, with GHP, BLive aims to multiply guest engagements and revenue generation opportunities for its partners. According to the company, electric vehicles are more cost-efficient as compared to conventional fuel-run vehicles. The hospitality partners looking at scaling up their revenue model with activities like renting out vehicles can achieve more cost benefits with electric vehicles and become more attractive for environmentally conscious customers as well.


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