Blending Nature with Science

With a vision to promote homeopathy products, Homeofarm uses the power of ancient science to develop safe yet effective skin and hair care solutions

Dr Jaswinder Kaur and Bhupinder Jeet Singh

Homeofarm is a venture that has its roots deeply embedded in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Goa. Founded by the dynamic husband-wife duo, Bhupinder Jeet Singh and Dr Jaswinder Kaur, who hail from the town of Vasco da Gama, Homeofarm is dedicated to revolutionising the personal care industry with its unique approach. It is also a registered startup under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Startup India and the Goa Startup Policy.
Bhupinder holds a degree in M.Tech in Computer Science and Information Security from Manipal Institute of Technology and is an alumnus of Padre Conceição College of Engineering; while Dr Jaswinder is a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) Doctor from Shri Kamaxi Devi Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital. She has also done a course on Nutrition planning as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in HealthCare Management from Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Institute of Technology.
Their journey into homeopathy and the personal care industry was inspired by their belief in the natural healing properties of homeopathic remedies. “We wanted homeopathy, known for its traditional and prescription treatment, as a holistic science that can be incorporated into the D2C space. Being a homeopath herself, Dr Jaswinder saw an opportunity of promoting homeopathic products from India. We wanted to leverage this ancient science to develop safe and effective skin care and hair care solutions,” says Bhupinder.
The idea behind Homeofarm was to create a brand that offers high-quality, natural products infused with homeopathic and herbal ingredients. The couple wanted to bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and modern skincare, catering to consumers seeking holistic and chemical-free alternatives. “Furthermore, we wanted to provide consumers with maximum active or ingredient percentage which they pay for when buying a product; rather than giving them meagre 0.1 or 1% natural ingredient percentage and claim it to be natural.”
At Homeofarm, the duo have developed a range of seven unique products, including Presemac face serum, a baby massage oil, a baby shower gel and shampoo, a baby dusting powder, baby moisturising lotion, a hair oil, and a hair serum. Each of these products have been carefully crafted keeping in mind the ingredient, its active percentage benefits and homeopathic extracts that yield results from the root of the problem. “We are currently shipping these products in regular bottles and containers, but our end goal will be sustainable with eco-friendly packaging. We have developed and engineered designs using 3D modelling for the packaging for which design patents have been issued to us. We also have received brand trademarks for the individual categories for the product and some are pending.”
Bhupinder and Dr Jaswinder prioritise sourcing materials locally, whenever possible, to support the community and ensure the highest quality standards. Their products are stocked in their office space in Goa where they oversee the packaging process with utmost care. “Each ingredient is carefully procured with due diligence by Dr Supriya Hyam and Dr Jaswinder to ensure quality and efficacy of the formulation. Special care has been taken for the baby products ensuring balanced and excellent pH levels for the products. “As you know, homeopathy works best on children and we are excited to see how parents would benefit from this.”

Hair Care Combo

Dr. Supriya Hyam is a part of the team at Homeofarm and plays a crucial role, bringing her expertise in clinical science and product development to enhance the efficacy of their formulations. Her insights and knowledge contribute to the ongoing research and innovation at Homeofarm. “We spend more than `20 lakhs only on research and development for these products for 1 year after which they are launched in the market. Research involves a thorough study on homeopathy, formulations, fusion technique, and efficacy between ingredients, market research, competitors, D2C space, investor interests and a lot more.” Bhupinder and Dr Jaswinder are committed to
spreading awareness about homeopathy and fusion science through educational initiatives, social media campaigns, and collaborations with healthcare professionals. By sharing the benefits of natural skincare and hair care, they aim to empower consumers to make informed choices about their wellness journey. “Our website has all the possible information that any customer needs to know about homeopathy, fusion science and how it works.”
While the couple aspires to carve a niche for themselves in the market, they remain grounded in their Goan roots and ethos. “Our commitment to authenticity, quality, and sustainability guides every aspect of our business, ensuring that we stay true to our values while pursuing our goals. As proud Goans, we have developed these products with the intention of showcasing Goa’s potential in the global market. We envision setting up a manufacturing plant in Goa and employing local talent to oversee operations. We use our own Goan logistics and air cargo to handle the supply chain, staying true to our Goan ethos.” Like any entrepreneurial journey, Bhupinder and Dr Jaswinder have faced their share of roadblocks and difficulties, from sourcing raw materials to navigating regulatory requirements. However, each challenge has only strengthened their resolve to create a brand that prioritises integrity and transparency. Their journey has been fraught with challenges, from navigating regulatory compliances to adapting to unexpected changes in the health and skin care industry. “Keeping up with trending ingredients and establishing a robust distribution network has been challenging. Raising funds for a niche venture like ours has also been a hurdle, but we are determined to create a breakthrough.”

Face Serum

Looking ahead, the couple’s future plans involve expanding their product offerings, reaching new markets, and
continuing to innovate in the field of natural skincare and hair care. “We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and remain dedicated to our mission of promoting holistic wellness through homeopathy. We plan to expand our international presence by exporting our products to new markets and adding more SKUs to our lineup. We aim to incorporate AI capabilities into our manufacturing process and website to enhance efficiency. In five years, we aspire to achieve the status of a unicorn and list Homeofarm on the Indian stock market as an IPO, marking a significant milestone in our journey,” affirm the couple with confidence

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