Bacana: Where Colours Collide and Flavours Explode

Set to be everyone’s coolest hangout haven, Bacana, located in Assagao, has just unveiled its exceptional menu, funky decor, and a vibe that lets you be yourself

Bacana, a brand-new and funky restaurant nestled in Assagao, is ready to become the hottest hangout for all. Boasting vibrant colours and captivating murals, the restaurant offers a welcoming and laid-back ambience bound to unwind you with its soft background music and an exceptional menu that is simply irresistible! Located in a tourist spot amidst a cluster of premium restaurants, Bacana, according to the owner Naresh Ravindranath, distinguishes itself with a unique and relaxing experience, allowing guests to be themselves, while indulging in the delectable creations of Krish Shah, Chef and Business Partner at the restaurant.

On having visited the place ourselves, we were captivated by the murals and artwork that adorned every wall and glass window. However, what truly impressed us was the well-curated menu. Eager for us to try as much as possible, we were served mini portions. However, the regular servings offered at Bacana are notably generous (so you are bound to get more than what you see in the pictures!). Our culinary journey began with two refreshing cocktails—a classic Pina Colada and a Ginger Passion Punch. Breaking away from the often-used whipped cream, Bacana’s Pina Colada was authentic with coconut cream, blended to perfection. The Ginger Passion Punch on the other hand, with its invigorating flavour, proved to be a perfect companion throughout our meal.

We were then served appetisers, starting with a plate of Mini Crab Meat Hot Dogs, a delightful fusion of delicate crab meat and hollandaise sauce nestled in toasted brioche buns. Notably, the slightly sweet and briny taste of crab was expertly balanced. Next came the Tender Coconut Ceviche, a harmonious blend of delicate tender coconut slices placed in kokum curry along with puffed Goan red rice mixed with pineapple salsa, all presented in a display of red, green, and yellow. Each spoonful was a light and refreshing burst of flavours. Our taste buds were just relishing the delicious taste of the Ceviche, when in came the Triphal Cured Beef Carpaccio. My personal favourite, the dish is a maddeningly melting experience. The beef is cured in triphal masala, a local szechuan pepper, that numbs the tongue. The meal as a whole is a unique twist on the classic Carpaccio and is accompanied by a Goan kokum vinaigrette salad.


Triphal Cured Beef Carpaccio


Then came Sweet Corn Dangar, inspired by the Indori dish Bhutte Ka Kees, which at Bacana has been made into dangar, and fried in semolina, leaving it with a crispy exterior and a succulent interior. This is served with delicious Curry Leaf Chutney. Following it were the Fermented Chilli Garlic Prawns and Caldo Verde Espuma, two immaculate dishes that added to the already magnificent experience of flavourful food. The former encapsulated prawn head butter tossed in fermented chilli garlic sauce, presenting a blob of creamy orange prawns with an out-of-world sensation. The latter was a potato foam served with sautéed kale and almonds.


Caldo Verde Espuma


Fermented Chilli Garlic Prawns


Transitioning to the main course, we were presented with the King Prawn Bisque Curry that sat dazzling us with its rich hue. The dish is inspired by the Anglo-Indian curry and cooked in a bisque fashion. Its sweet and spicy rollercoaster of flavours, paired with rice, left a lasting impression. Before long, the Smoked Dal Makhani, smoked for 48 hours and served as a delicious gravy dish with a creamy texture and a flavourful aroma, was placed before us. Along with this was the Elephant Foot Kofta Curry, featuring crispy yam koftas in a sweet and spicy curry. Finally, we were served the Chicken Kheema Ghotala with a sunny-side-up egg whose yolk, on cutting, gracefully oozed into the kheema. The dish was a balanced blend adding to the melting experience, a feeling bound to get you back for more. Accompanied by rice, naan, and bread, the main course provided a diverse range of combinations!

Chicken Kheema Ghotala


Finally, came the desserts. We were first served a delicate plate of Goan Malaiyo — a syphon gun prepared cloud of dessert. This was a unique take on Serradura and the North Indian dessert, Makhan Malai. To accompany that, was the Lemon Basque Cheesecake prepared with local lemons and lemon curd, leaving us on a sweet note. While that was all we could have, Bacana’s extensive menu offers a variety of dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Notably, the drinks are left to their authentic origins because as Naresh Ravindranath says, “Why mess with the taste?”

For those intrigued by other menu options, the appetisers include Malabar Parotha Tacos, Cortalim Chicken Liver Fry, Snapper Crudo, and more. The drink selection features a wide variety of cocktails and spirits, including the notable BBM- Bacana Bloody Mary. The mains include Amritsari Paneer Bhurji, Avozinah’s Beef Stew, along with sides like Korean Cream Cheese Poi. The desserts include a Lamington Cake made with butterscotch semifreddo and coconut sauce. We are sure this has made you want to try out Bacana and if you do, here is a friendly reminder from the cash counter: absolutely no ‘flirting with the cashier’ allowed!

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