Aquatic Alchemy

Dive into the entrepreneurial journey of Vijay Shetye, and his venture Neptune Pools, where innovation transforms dreams into stunning realities

In a sun soaked tropical region like Goa, where the sea is so cool and inviting, Neptune Pools is the go to place for anyone dreaming of a perfect swimming pool. Vijay Shetye, the person behind Neptune Pools, had a dream to make swimming pools that were different from the usual ones. He started Neptune Pools to make that dream come true. Neptune Pools reign supreme as the architect of building incredible swimming pools.

Vijay Shetye

Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Vijay Shetye, Neptune Pools isn’t just a company, it’s a gateway to aquatic utopia. Vijay’s journey in the swimming pool industry began over a decade ago, amidst all other happenings. Armed with a degree from St Xavier’s and fueled by a passion for all things aquatic, he embarked on a career that would soon evolve into a vocation. His foray into the swimming pool business commenced in 2009, marking the genesis of a career dedicated to crafting aquatic sanctuaries. His early years were spent navigating the intricacies of pool design and construction within the confines of a French company, where he encountered the challenges of marketing a singular pool type amidst a sea of diversity. The limitations of offering just one product fueled his entrepreneurial spirit. He refused to be quenched. In 2014, Neptune Pools was born, an achievement to Vijay’s commitment to innovation and diversity in the pool industry.

Neptune Pools epitomises diversity in design, offering a cornucopia of options to cater to the varied tastes of its clientele. They shattered the mould of conventional pool design by offering a variety of options. Liner pools, with their simplicity and uniformity, provide a serene canvas for relaxation, while tile pools unleash a symphony of colours and textures, transforming the mundane into the magnificent. Beyond these classics, Neptune Pools ventures into the realm of fiberglass pools, jacuzzis, and fountains, ensuring that every aquatic fantasy finds its embodiment in reality. “We make all sorts of pools to suit different tastes. Our pools are installed in just 4 weeks. Some people like simple pools with a single colour inside, while others want pools with tiles of different colours and designs. Our structures and waterproofing have a 10-year warranty, while we offer a 5-year warranty when it comes to tiling. We also make pools from fiberglass and even add extras like fountains and hot tubs. We assure our customers and clients of a prompt aftersale service and attend to any service call within 24-hours of intimation,” adds Vijay. From collaborating with renowned builders like Nanu Estates to curating bespoke pools for private villas, Neptune Pools caters to a clientele as diverse as the waves that caress Goa’s shores. Builders, hotels, private estates, each client is treated with the same reverence and dedication, ensuring that their aquatic dreams are brought to life with precision and panache. With Neptune Pools, no dream is too extravagant, no vision too grandiose. In an era dominated by digital outreach, Neptune Pools has embraced a multi-faceted approach to marketing. From cultivating a vibrant presence on social media platforms to forging strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders, Neptune Pools ensures that its message reaches far and wide. Direct marketing initiatives and online directories further augment their reach, ensuring that Neptune Pools remains at the forefront of the industry, both online and offline. By leveraging the power of digital communication and traditional networking, they continue to expand their horizons and attract new clients. While Neptune Pools’ journey has been one of triumph and transformation, it hasn’t been without its share of challenges.

In an industry rife with cut-throat competition and price-oriented clientele, Vijay and his team have had to navigate choppy waters. Yet, with dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, they have weathered the storms, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before. By prioritising integrity and innovation, they have carved a niche for themselves in the fiercely competitive pool industry, setting new standards of excellence with each project undertaken. In addition to revolutionising the pool business with its innovation and excellence, Neptune Pools is also committed to environmental sustainability. Recognising the importance of preserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact, Neptune Pools integrates ecofriendly practices into every aspect of its operations. From utilising energy-efficient filtration systems to promoting water conservation measures, Neptune Pools strives to minimise its ecological footprint while maximising the enjoyment of its aquatic creations. By partnering with eco-conscious suppliers and investing in sustainable materials and technologies, Neptune Pools ensures that each pool not only enhances the beauty of its surroundings but also contributes to the greater good of the environment. As Neptune Pools celebrates its eighth year of operation, the horizon brims with promise and potential. Vijay envisions a future where Neptune Pools continues to push the boundaries of innovation, crafting aquatic masterpieces that inspire awe and elevate the human spirit. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Neptune Pools stands poised to redefine the standards of luxury and leisure in the pool industry with one masterpiece at a time. As they chart their course towards the future, they remain committed to create unforgettable aquatic experiences for generations to come.


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