An Adventure Like No Other

Shreya Rohir Naik

Shreya Rohir Naik is the director of Traveldeck, a travel agency that promises its clients adventures and experiences like never before

Shreya Rohir Naik, hailing from Goa Velha, has recently started a tours and travel agency, Traveldeck in Ponda, Goa. Creating fascinating tours around the world, her company aims to provide the best experience possible with their carefully curated destinations and activities.

A graduate from Don Bosco College, Shreya pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. After attaining the degree, she went on to teach a course that focused on the fundamentals of computers in Panjim.

Shreya started overlooking operations at Coderix Solutions LLP, a leading digital marketing and web designing company in Goa, after her marriage to Rohir Naik. Later, she started managing travel related enquiries of Golden Goa, a local travel website which gives out vast information about Goan culture, cuisine, and some of the unexplored landscapes of Goa.

It was at Golden Goa that Shreya’s interest for business in the tour and travel industry was piqued. While managing and creating multiple travel packages for the tourists who visited Goa, Shreya simultaneously enrolled in various online courses that gave her an in-depth knowledge about the industry. She was also able to work on some travel destinations outside Goa.

As time passed by, Shreya began working on individual projects from home. She started taking up orders and created one of a kind tours and itineraries that charmed all her customers. Her solo stint as a travel agent helped her establish a network with many other travel agencies.

Thus, with a solid experience and knowledge of the tours and travels industry, Shreya wanted to launch her very own travel agency in Ponda. However, with the advent of the Covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns imposed by the government, her plans were delayed. When asked about the covid situation, she says, “The pandemic most certainly postponed my plans. Nevertheless, in the post-pandemic era when the entire world is accessible again, I decided to set up my own office in Ponda. It would have not been possible without the support of my husband, parents, and in-laws who helped turn my long time dream into a reality.”

Every new enterprise faces a tough moment or two but these problems should be overcome with the right solutions at the right time. Similarly, Shreya’s company saw zero business during the time of the pandemic. Traveldeck succeeded in getting over the problem and sustaining business by engaging its old customers and shouting out to acquire new ones through various social media platforms.

Considering the fierce rivalry in the tourism industry in Goa, Traveldeck is an agency that gives its patrons a unique experience in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. According to Shreya, “A good competitor always teaches you new things and you’re almost forced to experiment in order to stay in business. Adding a touch of personality to the business, our target is not only the local market but also the whole world. If you look at your competitors as friends and collaborate with them, you will see a positive growth in your business.”

Shreya is constantly inspired by the beautiful stories and adventures undertaken by her customers during their travels. Generating new ideas for travel packages through the pointers and feedbacks given to her by the travellers, Shreya ensures that every customer gets a tailor-made package well suited to their needs.

Trust, reliability and good customer service are the main principles followed by Shreya to build successful customer relations. She makes sure that every customer gets a good and reliable service during their travel. By harnessing their clients’ positivity, the enterprise seeks to create a strong relationship with the customers while gaining their trust. As a step in this direction, Traveldeck plans to launch an online booking platform in the future which will facilitate easier transactions and bookings consequently attracting potential customers.

Defining success as the ability to adequately fulfill one’s role in a team, Shreya trusts herself on her capabilities to achieve her goals. She works towards completing her individual duties as effectively as possible in an effort to provide the best possible services to all of her customers. Shreya successfully manages the employees at Traveldeck who are well equipped with abilities to engage existing and potential clients while suggesting the best plans that will give them a memorable travel experience.

As a parting advice to many budding entrepreneurs and startups, Shreya says, “The initial phase of establishing any business is tough. In addition, it is also the most critical stage. So the most important factor that decides success is the willpower one has to overcome any hurdles or troubles that come your way by thoroughly studying the current trends in the market.Building the right business strategy, correctly managing your staff, collaborating with your competitors, and providing good service to your clients is the ultimate winning formula for a successful enterprise”

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