Adding the ‘Personnel’ touch

Manasi Kamat Warty elaborates on setting up her recruitment firm and being an entrepreneur in a man’s world

When it comes to adding a new member to one’s organisation, focuses on ‘Working with your Vision’ to understand and determine swiftly which candidates will be the perfect fit to the organisation’s requirements. Wisely HR Co. is founded by Manasi Kamat Warty. The firm is armed to provide multiple recruitment solutions. Their business model is agile and adaptive, built to foresee and overcome the complexities of the future and current job market.

Manasi was born and raised in Goa. When it came to choosing a stream for her higher education, she was clueless about what she wanted to pursue as her profession; but was very sure about what she didn’t want to take up which were the professional courses lined up after science which was expected from an excellent student like her. “Thankfully I had very supportive parents who suggested (among many options) pursuing a career in HR by studying Industrial Psychology and that is what clicked for me. It aligned with my interest for human thoughts and emotions while focusing on work-life,” she says. She took off to Mumbai to pursue her graduation and then post graduation in Industrial Psychology. The five years spent in the hustle bustle of the city navigating academics along with variety of extracurricular activities was a great learning experience for her. “It gave me a lot of exposure through interactions with reputed faculty in the field and work experience in HR dept of a renowned advertising agency.”

After completing her post-graduation Manasi returned to Goa and started working in the HR department in the pharmaceutical industry. Having worked with established companies like Medizest Pharmaceuticals and Indoco Remedies gave her immense exposure and learning into the HR processes especially recruitment. Later as she joined Xerviz Wlobal as Executive Director, it gave her a better insight into the IT / ITES industry. “As Xerviz Wlobal marked its place in the market with 6+ years in business, we considered expanding the business in new verticals. Owing to the booming growth in the IT industry in the recent years and the opportunities it brings with itself, stepping into IT recruitment seemed like the next organic step based on my previous work experiences and educational background,” she adds while explaining how the idea of Wisely came about.

Manasi goes on to explain about her company and believes that there is a right fit for all kinds of organisations and candidates. “Not all jobs are meant for one person and similarly not everyone is meant for one job. It is all about finding the perfect fit for that person and for that company. And that is what we strive to achieve. Job seekers feel that there is a lack of job opportunities and job givers complain of lack of resources. Wisely aims to bridge the gap here and connect the right candidate to the right job opportunity.”

Manasi set up Wisely HR Co, a recruitment agency based in Goa and currently servicing pan India. “We are focused on IT Recruitment right now so we handle hiring of candidates ranging from fresh graduates to highly experienced personnel. We also specialise in Executive Search to effectively search for the perfect leadership candidate for the organisation. We believe in bridging the gap between what the industry is looking for and what the talent pool is expecting. On that account we have recently started with training and guidance to groom eager candidates to become industry ready. This includes effective CV building, interview preparation and overall skill development.

With Wisely, Manasi aims to distinguish them from the rest of the market as they are uniquely focused on the IT Industry. “The fast pace at which the IT industry is growing their recruitment needs are urgent and require undivided attention. By staying focused on this industry, instead of branching out into hospitality, pharmaceuticals etc., we are more competent to find the best suitable candidate in a manner that is time and cost effective,” she says.

Manasi goes on to speak on being an entrepreneur in a male dominated world. “While it can be a challenge to take on such a task nothing seems impossible when you have the support of your well-wishers. I personally feel extremely blessed to have the full support of my husband Rohan Warty who is also the co-founder of Wisely HR Co. His encouragement, guidance and exceptional business acumen has been irreplaceable for me. Building a good team with great work ethic has been crucial to lay the foundation. Constantly evaluating our process and making adjustments to achieve the optimal performance has worked for us from the beginning. Every experience good or bad is a learning experience for us.”

As an entrepreneur, she mentions that engaging in hobbies can be quiet therapeutic as the work never stops. Manasi chooses to indulge in activities where she can experiment with her creativity, like crochet, embroidery, lippan art (mud and mirror work), and DIY projects. Off late, gardening has become a passion.
Regarding her future plans Manasi says that they have had a good run this year and are looking to scale new heights in the coming year. “Next year, we are looking to expand our current team of 5 by at least double the size and make a mark in the international market. We look forward to grow the scope of our work, while maintaining the quality and focus we currently deliver.”

She signs off with a message to aspiring women entrepreneurs. “Bet on yourself. Often as women we are not encouraged to take a risk and are always asked to choose the safer or stable option. When you believe in yourself, automatically all the negativity around you will tune out and the confidence will be reflected in your work.”

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