A Sip of Delight

Big Banyan offers the rare experience of witnessing the magical creation of exotic fine wines

Pour. Swirl. Sniff.
Savour the wonderful notes that your glass of Big Banyan wine has to hum to you. Enjoy the tale of our terroir, the ‘land’ of our origin. Catch whispers of the ‘lore’ of our grand old neighbour, the 100 year old Big Banyan tree and how it inspired the birth of our vineyard. Feel our ‘love’ for creating a versatile selection of wines.
Big Banyan is more than just wine. It is an immersive experience into our land, lore, and love for winemaking. The wines are crafted from the plumpest grapes handpicked from their vineyards in Bengaluru, or sourced from select Indian vineyards. These grapes are then brought over to their winery in Bengaluru. The Big Banyan Italian vintner, Lucio Matricardi, oversees the process every step of the way, including extracting the wine from the grapes. As a testament to their skill and passion, Big Banyan has a selection of exquisite Indian wines specially made for the local palette


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