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How one of the best IT companies in Goa is fuelling a virtual culture revolution

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, doesn’t it? When applied to the workspace, this attitude can prove to be disastrous; turning it into a sorely dull place. At Kilowott, a refined balance between work and play, vision and revision, challenge and comfort sprawls finely, has led them to bag the ‘IT Company of the Year’ Award at the Business Goa Awards 2021 and being recognised for its excellence at the recently held Goa Technology Association (GTA) Awards Night.

With skill enhancement and career development in gambit, Kilowott’s vision for such a work ethos is a leap through time in Goa’s burgeoning business landscape.

A ‘chill’ workspace where decking up in an ‘office-appropriate’ garb is not an obligation; Kilowott has proved that formal, uniform-like appearances do not matter, when it comes to meeting goals and ensuring efficiency. “The warm, informal space that was conceived, birthed a lively work culture that visibly complements achievement of goals and delivery of targets”, relays Judah Fernandez, Partner and Co-founder of Kilowott – one of the three dynamic cogs in the founding wheels of the Porvorim based company that also has partner deals in Norway, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the US.

“With organizations expanding in size, hierarchies become more defined, thereby widening the gap between leadership and employees. As a rule of thumb, there’s a general chain of command in terms of communication. As difficult as it is, opening ourselves up to the employees and conversely, knowing them personally and on the work front is time well invested,” said Aaron Fernandez, Co-Founder of Kilowott.

The camaraderie shared by the team members is the cherry on top. Career milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays of each employee are celebrated with utmost exuberance. The customs of work that manifest team spirit and familial fondness abound at Kilowott, producing a group of 170 motivated employees.

Team Kilowott at an Informal office meet

In addition to the amiable work sphere, an inspiring and pleasant office ambience is another factor that gets the whole team enthusiastic about working together.

“The appealing interior space has been idealistically designed to ignite imagination and coax creativity,” states Caleb Fernandez, Co-Founder, and the youngest of the Fernandez brothers. Two swimming pools, a recreational area for video games and unwinding, chatty cafe scenes, and a whole lot of bustling zest. This culture only facilitates the employees’ inner drives to secure both personal and professional growth.

While the covid-19 pandemic swerved their merry modus-operandi, the HR Head assures that conscious efforts have been made to retain the vibrant vibe in the ‘Work from Home’ mode. The HR think tank meets frequently to assess and review work policies, formulate processes to collate feedback and make changes based on the learnings derived. Accordingly, virtual events and activities are frequently lined up to feed on the anticipation of employees.

Recently, the first edition of ‘Kilowott’s Got Talent’, an exciting talent hunt was conducted, bringing out the exceptional talents and creative abilities of the employees.

By the same token, formal and informal events aimed at mental well-being and personnel development are being conducted. Every month, a casual catch-up session is held.

A regular tête-à-tête with the founders is a highly anticipated event. In this one-on-one conversation, the founders address the individual aspirations and career goals of employees. Seeking feedback from employees on their experience and making the workspace comfortable and inclusive is one of the objectives of such an interaction.

Several other events which are held play a major role in animating the employees and keeping them on their feet. The Annual Christmas gala in particular is a much anticipated event.

Employees are acquainted with hot technology trends that have a compelling demand in the market. They are offered maps of changes in career architecture and are given the opportunity to try out career streams varying from their own, creating the thrill of challenge while fencing against occupational rigidity. The training needs of employees are analysed and customised according to the requirements.

The complexity of culture always boils down to its diversity and inclusivity. An ideal work culture reflects a healthy ratio between male and female employees, compatible age dynamics, and varied ethnicities. Kilowatt seems to ace the game in this sphere too. On being nudged to speak about the journey to the top, Aaron admits that the process has not been all that easy. “We have had our share of challenges, what you see after seven years of hard work is just the tip of the iceberg, the enormous mass of ice below the waterline graciously hides the gargantuan effort that has gone into making this house a home”, he  said.

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