A display of artworks categorised by hues of red is being held at Grand Hyatt Goa in Bambolim. ‘Rhapsody in Red’ is  curated by Aarti Singh, founder of Polka Art Gallery, collector, and connoisseur of Indian art. The exhibition is  showcasing pieces of art with hues of red and feature works by established and emerging artists from across India.









The exhibition displays sculptures, photographs, paintings, ceramics and for the first time, Rohit Chawla  exhibits A I hybrid works. Some of the artists include Brinda Miller, Nayanaa Kanodia, Nupur Kundu, Rohit  hawla,  Viraj Naik, Subodh Kerkar, Ganapati Hegde, Pradeep Naik, Shubhra Das, and Thomas Louis among others.

The art show is scheduled to continue for duration of two weeks, concluding in the second week of May. ‘Rhapsody In Red’ aims to highlight the symbolic value of the colour red, whichoften goes unnoticed despite its ubiquitous presence, said art collector and connoisseur Aarti Singh. “The theme of the  exhibit centers on the idea that
love, passion, and anger can all  be represented by the colour red”.

The works of art on display vary in their approach to the colour, with some showcasing its radiance, others its power, and still others its cheerfulness. Despite the diverse range of interpretations, the exhibition is a celebration of the colour and its   significance.

The exhibition offers a distinctive and visually captivating experience, with the theme of red serving as  a unifying element throughout the diverse array of artworks. It is a must see for art enthusiasts and visitors to Goa  alike.

Aarti Singh’s Polka Art Gallery has represented India’s modern artists and organised several art shows across  the country, exhibiting drawings, paintings, sculptures, and installations of premium artists and respected masters  such as S.H. Raza, M.F. Hussain, Krishan Khanna, Yusuf Arakkal, Satish Gujral, Satish Gupta, Paritosh Sen, Anjolie  Ela Menon, and many more.

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