500 public lectures by scientists over 45 days

The Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant said that more than 500 lectures and events will be held, over 45 days, by scientists and faculty members of higher education, in Goa. These lectures will be open for 75000 school and college students as well as the general public from 12th January onwards.

Sawant said that the programme called as Vigyan Dhara was aimed at dispelling myths and creating a liking in students for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). He further stated that the state government wants to open at least one STEM laboratory in schools in each taluka.

“Through Vigyan Dhara we are laying the foundation to create a scientific temperament. We will see the results in 7-8 years. Last year more than 30,000 students participated in the event. This year we are targeting more than 500 lectures at different levels for school and college students and the general public. We are trying to create a liking in students for STEM,” said Sawant.

A STEM lab at the Government Primary School at Housing Board, Harvalem was recently inaugurated. Sawant further said that such STEM labs will be opened in every taluka which will encourage students and it will be seen that they engage at the lab at least once a week.

He also mentioned that a skill library was opened at the Government College in Sanquelim which has books from ISRO, and Penguin Random House, on different skills. The library is the first and is open to all to register and visit.

Vigyan Dhara 2024 is the third edition of the science series, an initiative of the Directorate of Higher Education and the Goa State Higher Education Council. It is a transformative platform for scientific exploration and learning.

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