50 Shades of Gold

Non chill-filtered and with no added colours or flavours, Paul John Single Malts are distilled in the warm tropical climes of Goa. Launched in 2012, it is currently available in 49 Countries and has won over 300 acclaimed international awards till date

Established in 1996, under the guidance of Paul P John, John Distilleries has grown to be a leading spirit company in less than a decade, not just in India but across the globe. John Distilleries has a strong portfolio of brands in various liquor categories including whiskies, brandy, and wines. The flagship brand of the company is Original Choice, one of the top-selling brands in India’s popular whisky segment and one of the top 10 selling whiskies in the world with sales exceeding 21 million cases a year. Other brands owned by the company include the globally renowned Paul John Single Malts, the recently launched Malhar Indian Craft Gins, Roulette premium whisky and brandy, and the range of Big Banyan wines. Sazerac Company, the largest family-owned distilled spirits company in the United States, is an active stakeholder in John Distilleries.

 The Man behind the Brand

An entrepreneur by choice, Paul ventured into the alcoholic beverages industry in 1992. Within a short span of just over a decade, his reach spread from his headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka and expanded to neighbouring states and across seas, as well.

Launched in international markets, every expression of his single malts has won immense appreciation and won over 300 acclaimed international awards. His flagship brand, Original Choice dominates popularity charts as the preferred choice in Whisky, Brandy and Rum. He started John Distilleries Pvt Ltd in 1996 and under his able leadership; the company grew to be a leader not just in India but across the globe, in less than a decade.

His zeal to surpass the ordinary led him to create a range of fine wines while his personal passion for single malts led him to create the Paul John Indian Single Malts.

Paul John Resorts & Hotels

Paul also has interests in the hospitality sector and owns a chain of award-winning luxurious and opulent resorts and hotels in South India, including the renowned Kumarakom Lake Resort, a luxury heritage resort set by the famed banks of Kerala’s popular backwaters; The Paul Bangalore, is an all-suite, luxury hotel, strategically located right opposite The Embassy Golf Links off the Intermediate Ring Road at Domlur, Bangalore and Forte Kochi, a colonial-styled, luxurious heritage hotel that enchants visitors with glimpses of life, once known and lived, centuries ago. The fourth luxury retreat Coorg Wilderness Resort, nestled amidst the lush valleys and majestic hills of Coorg boasts of 52 luxurious stately studios and 52 palatial suites, is spread across a 40-acre estate of sprawling wilderness just 3kms from Madikeri, Coorg.

 Setting up the Brand

A path to a new future was laid when Paul chose to create world-class single malts made in India. Discovering a passion for single malts during the years when he lived in the USA, he appreciated the premium quality of the whisky and soon a dream was born, the dream to create great Indian single malts.

Craft, skillfully chosen indigenous ingredients including Indian 6-row barley, and the warm environs of Goa create the magic that is Paul John Single Malt Whisky. From the first case of Original Choice to the successful launch of the Paul John Single Malts, every effort has been taken to ensure stringent standards in quality are maintained and this single-minded drive of an exceptionally talented and hardworking team has led to the realisation of many a dream. Every endeavour is to consistently and constantly deliver quality, purity, and affordability, while incessantly and unwaveringly toiling to exceed expectations thus achieving status as one of the most celebrated alcoholic beverages company in the country. Every brand is created to deliver memorable experiences, whilst promoting responsible drinking, thus winning appreciation.

With over 200 dedicated employees and 10 manufacturing units across India, Paul heads a company that focuses stringently on the highest standards of quality leading the company to the realisation of many a milestone.

 The Paul John Single Malts

The Paul John Single Malts were launched in the UK in 2012 and were soon acclaimed to be equal to or even better than the single malts produced elsewhere, including Scotland. Approval from single malt enthusiasts and innumerable global awards further proved the brand’s excellence.

Recognition from the single malt palate encouraged them to take their single malts across the world. Choosing to visualise the creation of an exceptional single malt whisky was the start of a trek down a hitherto unknown trail. Years were spent researching and studying the art of making single malts. Soon it was realised that they could do just as well in India. Goa was specially chosen as the home of their single malts, not just for its unique microclimate but also because the destination holds a special place in Paul’s heart. Having always enjoyed the beaches, food, and the warmth of its people, Goa was but the perfect choice to install the malt plant. “Goa has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve enjoyed the food and ambience and have regularly come to Goa every chance I get,” says Paul. From the vast lands of Rajasthan to the verdant foothills of the Himalayas comes their six-row barley. Harvested in summers to ensure perfect maturity, the barley claims responsibility for several of the whisky’s int

Malhar Dry Gin

rinsic characteristics. Water is another major ingredient in the making of single malts and they utilize the pure underground table of water along with rain-fed water sources.

Big Banyan Wines

Copper pot-stills made in India were specially designed with long necks to create fruitier spirits. Double-distillation in these pot-stills prolongs intimate contact with the copper and this renders a distinct, rich, and full-bodied flavour to the new-make spirit, which is then matured in carefully selected American white oak barrels. During maturation the oak imparts diverse natural colours from sparkling copper, and rich amber to dark mahogany as well as distinct flavours such as spices, marmalade, chocolate, coconut, dry fruit, vanilla, and honey to the whisky that continues to evolve. The ideal warm weather of coastal Goa helps their whiskies mature faster, unlike those produced in colder climes. Every step of the process, from germination to malting and peating, enhances the distinct smokiness of Paul John whiskies, while the non-chill-filter helps retain the original colour and taste.

A conscious decision was taken to create high-quality single malts at affordable prices allowing them to introduce many more to the flavourful taste of single malts. The range of Paul John Single Malts includes an entry level expression, 2 flagship expressions, 4 select casks, an annual Christmas edition, the Zodiac series, and the occasional limited or special editions.

Today, the Paul John Single Malts are present in over 49 countries.

 Manufacturing, Distribution, and Export

Copper pot-stills

Paul John has an exhaustive width of distribution in India and internationally with multiple routes to markets from traditional on and off-premise channels like HORECA, CPC 5-star hotels, premium retail and MOT outlets, civil markets, Defence canteen and Paramilitary, to Duty Free in India and abroad. They have also explored innovative channels like selling through their own visitor centre. The Paul John Single Malts are created in Goa and they cater to all our markets from here. In India, they are available in 16 states including Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Pondicherry, Telangana, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Daman, Gujarat, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana. Apart from these states, their supplies to the CSD channel pan-India are also catered to out of Goa. Internationally, Paul John ships to over 49 countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and several countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Events and Accolades

John Distilleries has been associated with various events and brands over the years, including various premium clubs, outlets etc from across cities. Paul John Whisky has won over 304 acclaimed international awards in less than 10 years. The list includes the induction in the Hall of Fame for Paul P John, Wizards of Whisky – Gold and Silver winners, World Whisky Awards, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge – Chairman’s Trophy and Finalists, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, IWSC winners, Oran Mor Awards, Spirits Business – Gold and Silver, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, Spirits Selection Awards ISW International Spirits Awards and many more including awards as Best Distillery and Best Master Distiller.

Challenges and Roadblocks

Some key areas that impact Whisky in India include regulations and taxes at the central and state levels, culture and traditions, economic factors, health and safety concerns, competition from other beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, advancements in technology, and restrictions in marketing. These factors change with changing socio-economic realities and also vary over geographies. Overall, the whisky industry in India is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, and its growth and success are determined by how effectively the various players in the industry respond to these challenges and opportunities.

The Goa Advantage

Paul John Visitor Centre at Cuncolim

Paul John started bottling at the Goa distillery in 1999 and the distillery has been owned by John Distilleries right from the start. The distillery in Goa is a strategic manufacturing facility that caters to their high-end products. It harnesses the local environment and culture and adds provenance to their products and storytelling. John Distilleries has introduced its single malt secrets to the world with the opening of the Paul John Visitor Centre at Goa, home to the International Award-winning Whisky, Paul John Single Malt. At its Visitor Centre, the first of its kind in India, the internationally acclaimed Paul John whisky puts together the craft and time-honoured process behind the making of single malts.

During tours, guests can choose to enjoy exquisite tasting sessions to relish and discover the intricate flavours of the whiskies. Since 2013, Paul John Whisky has been honoured with over 300 prestigious international awards and the Wall of Fame shares a few glimpses of these glories. For those keen to understand the making of fine whiskies and interested in extraordinary travel experiences, the centre is a perfect one-day itinerary that unravels the rare art of whisky-making, from mashing to distilling in fine copper pot stills. The visit to the underground cellar would be a magical moment filled with rich aromas for each and every whisky connoisseur. Paul John Visitor Centre, is located in the distillery premises in Cuncolim, Goa. With oystershell windows, dramatically coloured walls, and rustic furniture; the aesthetics of the Visitor Centre highlights the Portuguese influence. Group and private tours can be booked, for visits any time from Monday to Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm

Future Plans

John Distilleries is a leader in Indian whisky. Their flagship brand, Original Choice Whisky, is one of the largest selling whisky brands in the world while the Paul John Indian Single Malts are one of the world’s highest-rated, appreciated and internationally awarded whiskies.“Our strategy has always been of continuous innovation and growth, which involves expanding product portfolio, entering new markets, and increasing market share. Strong efforts are taken to increase brand awareness and build consumer loyalty. John Distilleries will continue to be a key player and we hope to build our leadership further,” concludes Paul

The Paul John Single Malt Expressions

Each expression of Paul John single malts has won several acclaimed international awards

John Paul Nirvana arouses the senses with a soft whiff of bourbon, fruitcake and an enticing caramel pudding. The honeycomb sweetness gently touches the palate with mild salt-tinged barley while the succulent vanilla heralds the honeyed finish of this rich copper whisky, assuring sublime experiences beyond the worldly realm.



From the sunny beaches of Goa, this non-chill filtered non-peated Indian Single Malt whisky exudes myriad shades of sensual delight. This luminescent liquid invites you to experience a taste of handcrafted rare brilliance.


Bold characterises the exhilarating spirit of Goa, with all its boisterous exuberance. The silky malt is flavoured with oak-tinged honey and a hefty spice. The cloudy smoke riding on delicate intricate spices leads to the delicious finish of a weighty whisky that is complex yet delectably bold.


Select Cask Classic

A masterpiece from selected casks, this Indian Single Malt offers the exotic complexities of the Goan shores it was crafted from. The barley, carried on flavours of honeyed bourbon liquorice, is complimented with a touch of toasted honeycomb. Tannins remain under check as juicy soft tones ensure the elegant finish of this rare and irresistible Indian Single Malt.

Select Cask Peated

Take a stroll down the tropical coasts of Goa, as the delicious wafts of light peat from this Indian Single Malt tease your senses. Indulge in the mystic, as this alluring whisky gently astonishes the seriously indulgent.

Select Cask PX

This exotic Indian single malt, in rich shades of dark copper, has complex aromas of fig and apricot with a rare hint of banana. On the palate are tremendous flavours of sweet barley with creamy butterscotch, dry fruits and a profuse Christmas cake. The finish is long and exquisite, with delectable chocolate fudge, delicate orange peel and hints of exotic wine-drenched nuts. Much of the intrinsic characteristics of the Paul John PX owes allegiance to the famed intensely sweet and dark Spanish dessert sherry, having been gloriously finished in handpicked Pedro Ximénez casks.

Select Cask Oloroso

The Oloroso is a sensational explosion of incredible flavours. With dark mahogany hues, this exquisite expression presents an aromatic tapestry of sherryinfluenced fragrances of peach and apricot with a light note of molassess and blood orange. Sublimely finished in Oloroso casks, its soft flavours are filled with nutty chocolate and Melton Hunt cake. The long finish is intense and sweet with delicious heavy spices imbibed from the Oloroso casks and melded with a dash of coffee mocha and sumptuous dark chocolate.


Kanya by Paul John

This exotic unpeated expression encapsulates a tender innocence enhanced with hints of honeyed fruitiness and a soft tinge of spice. Ruled by Mercury and symbolised by the virgin, Kanya is the dignified Indian counterpart of the highly appealing Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign of the universe. Matured for 7 years in American white oak casks, its delectable aromas of citrusy spice and tropical fruit lure you to savour its creamy, butterscotch sweetness.

Mithuna by Paul John

Mithuna by Paul John, of the Paul John Zodiac series, is named after the Indian counterpart of the 3rd Zodiac sign Gemini. Hues of old oak and sophisticated aromas of liquorice with gentle beeswax lead to a luxuriant delivery of ulmo honey on crisp toast, and tender notes of vanilla. Chewy flavours of coffee mocha, orange peel and delicate spice float on active tannins while gentle oils enjoy gists of dark cocoa tones.

Limited Expression – Mars Orbiter

Mars Orbiter proffers intense aromas of peat, tinged with a light orange peel while a touch of sweet barley softens the edge. The immediate sweetness on the palate is perfectly encapsulated while a gentle spice leads to a hint of bitter chocolate with coffee, vanilla and a dash of seaside salt. Mars Orbiter was drawn the same month the Indian space probe to Mars was launched and is a tribute to the successful mission.


The Christmas Edition series was launched with the Paul John Christmas Edition 2018 as a limited edition and was well appreciated across markets leading them to launch an edition every year since. Now it has grown to be much awaited malt that is picked as a Collectors Choice by whisky connoisseurs across the world. The Christmas Edition 2023 is matured in ex-bourbon casks, finished in a Single Vintage Colheita Tawny Port Cask, and with no added colours or flavours, the Paul John Christmas Edition 2023 stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to crafting unforgettable whisky experiences. Aromas of creamy vanilla custard, dark chocolate, and rich dry fruit lead to deep flavours of sweet oak, velvety mocha, warm caramel, vanilla, and a subtle hint of spice on the palate. The finish is exuberantly fruity and delightfully long.



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