Making a splash

Diana Braganza

Diana Braganza made a huge splash in the Pools and Spas industry through her venture Alpha Aqua Pools & Spa!

By Anna Fernandes

Being a woman in a predominantly male industry has never posed a problem for Diana Braganza, who has successfully created a niche for herself, offering turnkey pool and spa building and consultancy services. Alpha Aqua Pools & Spas’ story is one of hard work, passion and determination to excel to the level of being one of the best in the industry.

After her post-graduation from Ness Wadia College, Pune, Diana joined the B.G. Shirke Group of Companies in the construction division, working there for several years before joining another private construction company in Pune. She relates, “Ever since I started working, I’ve been in the construction domain. Today, I have 28 years of experience in this industry, of which 20 years have been in the pool industry.”

Although she was born and brought up in Pune, Diana always felt a pull towards returning to her roots in Goa. With the lifestyle of the Goan consumer constantly improving, the demand for swimming pools and spas have been on the rise in the state. Diana decided to pool her knowledge and expertise in the construction industry and set up an exclusive pool and spa construction company that would cater to this niche market. Alpha Aqua Pools & Spas was born in 2013, as a one-stop solution for all swimming pools and spa-related needs, be it repair jobs to consultancy services.

The company seamlessly provides construction, sales, service, re-modelling, repairing, installation of pools, spas, jacuzzis, steam and sauna baths, indoor and outdoor waterbodies and more. The company specialises in customised fiber glass pools building it at par with concrete pools. The company has also forayed into building rainwater harvest ponds, having recently completed a project near Sawantwadi.

Alpha Aqua also offers products and accessories such as filters, underwater lights, pool ladders, ozonators, heat pumps, deck furniture, pool sports equipments, pool safety equipment, fountain equipment, etc. Offering products from leading brands, the company strives to not only provide you value for money, but also create the ultimate aquatic experience that will undoubtedly last you a lifetime!

Diana gives much credit to her husband Arvind who also partners with her in the company. Together they personally associate themselves with every project, from design to execution to commissioning and beyond. Attention to detail and client satisfaction is prioritised above all else. The company proudly stands behind every pool, spa and waterbody that they install, guaranteeing timely execution, quality workmanship, customisation to clientele requirements, and value-for-money is provided every step of the way. This, according to Diana, is what makes Alpha Aqua stand apart from others providing similar services. “Integrity is the foundation of our business. With a team of professionals along with hard work, dedication, and honesty, we build long-standing relationships with our customers”.

On being asked what keeps her motivated during the challenging days, she simply says, “Happy clients and repeat orders, namely from builders and architects, are the pillars of our business. Our constant need to exceed our clients’ expectations has helped us scale to new heights in the industry. That’s our driving force.” She further adds, “My philosophy has always been: if you want to excel, and climb the ladder of success – you need to give your hundred per cent to everything that you do; and success will follow!” By staying true to this, Diana has succeeded in making a mark in the industry, and even gather several accolades to her name, including the “Best Woman Entrepreneur” Certificate of Achievement by the British Deputy High Commission. With her knowledge, innovation and expertise, the company’s reputation has transformed from a local residential pool builder to being known across Goa as a leader in the construction, consultancy and service of aquatic and spa facilities.

Looking ahead, Diana says, “We plan on taking Alpha Aqua Pools & Spas beyond Goa. With projects already undertaken in Nasik, Kudal, Sawantwadi etc. She further adds, “I’m also looking at setting up an all-women wing under the banner of Alpha Aqua.” As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Diana believes that women bring a different perspective to the construction field with an eye for finer details. She adds, “In construction, each project we complete is unique and every day presents new challenges – the industry benefits from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds”.

Diana credits her entrepreneurial success to her husband Arvind and two daughters Dielle and Deanne, who’ve indeed made the hectic task of managing home and business a breeze. “Multi-tasking comes naturally to most women. At the end of the day, it’s all about time management. None of this would be complete without my tremendous faith in Jesus who has sustained me all through”

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