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Rohan Dessai is making a mark in the air-conditioning segment in Goa through Shwini Kool Konnect


With global warming and the increasingly frantic pace of modern life, air-conditioning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In Goa’s seemingly saturated air-conditioning market, one enterprise stands apart from the rest – Shwini Kool Konnect, established in 2014 by Rohan Dessai. Named after his mother Ashwini, Rohan is proud that his establishment is the exclusive and authorised sales and service dealers of Toshiba and Carrier products, such as VRF systems, ductables, split air conditioners, and chillers.

Rohan Dessai’s journey in the air-conditioning sector began when he was in his mid-20s and, on an impulse, decided to partner up with Vivek Gaonkar, a doyen in the air-conditioning trade armed with 25 years of experience. Under their able leadership, the company, in the four years since inception, has grown steadily from strength to strength, and today has three outlets in Goa – in Panjim, Porvorim and Margao.

The ultimate aim of establishing Shwini Kool Konnect is to serve customers with outstanding air conditioners, complete air-conditioning services, and after-sales services. With their exceptional customer support system, high performing products, AC repair and maintenance services, they have truly carved a distinguished niche in the market in a short span of time. The company presently caters to projects in and out of Goa, providing centralised air-conditioning services to an impressive client list that includes the who’s who of Goa from hospitality, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Exclusive dealers of Toshiba and Carrier HVAC products

With a background in computer engineering and an MBA from a reputed college in Bangalore, Rohan initially started his career by establishing a company along with his classmate. Decode System Pvt Ltd was an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system module designed to help restaurants and hotels and streamline billing processes. The IT company built a strong client base and was extremely profitable in the market. Today, the company is still running smoothly. However, the founders are presently focussing on their own respective ventures.

For Rohan, getting into the air-conditioning trade proved challenging in the initial stages. According to him, “As a fresher entering a new business, it is extremely difficult. You really need to prove yourself. But in the end, I would say, it is the passion that kept me going. When you get recognised, when your sales start rolling in, it gives you a certain high. And when out of your sheer dedication and hard work, you succeed… That’s what has always kept me motivated.”

He continues, “My partner Vivek Gaonkar plays an important role in this regard. Coming with years of experience in the HVAC sector, he knows all the tricks of the trade. It is through his knowledge and expertise that Shwini Kool Konnect has been able to make a name for itself in the market.”

Rohan is also well known in cricketing circles, representing the state in the professional league. Armed with the qualities of a sportsman – leadership, persistence, strategy, vision and confidence – Rohan effortlessly and ably motivates the company to strive towards greater heights. “Every single member of our company is highly motivated and enthusiastic. This has ensured our steady growth in the last years. With each day, we strive to get better and to give better services.”

Today, due to environmental and other factors, the competition in the HVAC market has reached unprecedented levels. What makes Shwini Kool Konnect stand apart from the competition is the dedication of the team and focus on quality service. Rendered in accordance with the required quality parameters, Shwini Kool Konnect’s services are appreciated for their timeliness, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Speaking about their marketing strategy, Rohan says, “There is no marketing strategy as such, besides Business Goa who provides us with the opportunity to market our brand. Apart from this, being a small state, I don’t think one needs a marketing strategy in Goa. It’s all through referrals – word of mouth. Our company has been doing really well for the past few years, and we have secured a good client list. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to provide our services to some of the best projects in Goa.” Shwini Kool Konnect is one of the few reputed dealers offering air conditioners of world-class brands like Carrier and Toshiba. The Carrier and Toshiba brands are market leaders in the commercial air-conditioning segment known for attributes such as durability, damage-resistance and the most energy-efficient technologies today. As the exclusive dealers of these brands, Shwini Kool Konnect has forged a reputation as a name synonymous with premium quality HVAC products and services.

Rohan credits the success of Shwini Kool Konnect to the company’s dedicated and skilled workforce that comprises of engineers, designers, and salespersons. Rohan adds, “We are extremely grateful to all the architects of Goa for giving us the opportunity to work with them. Their continued support and belief in our capabilities are invaluable.”

Looking ahead, Rohan says, “It has always been our endeavour to offer our clients the best in the air-conditioning sector, and that is what we will continue to do. We have full faith in the quality of our products and services, and we go the extra mile when it comes to exceeding the expectations of our clients. Apart from this, we definitely have plans to expand our business gradually”

“When you get recognised, when your first sales start rolling in, it gives you a certain pleasure. And when out of your sheer dedication and hard work, you succeed… That’s what always has kept me motivated”

Rohan Dessai

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