Flirting with Stocks by Anil Lamba

Published: Westland; ₹639

Flirting with Stocks: Stock Market Investing for Beginners introduces the uninitiated to the world of share markets. Acclaimed financial expert Dr Anil Lamba begins with the basics of how the investment cycle works, and builds up to the nitty-gritties of bulls and bears, mutual funds, kerb trading, badla finance and share-price fixing. The book tackles the main question: Should one buy a good share at any time, or buy any share at a good time?

Included also are case studies on asset bubbles and insider trading, which are lessons for potential investors on how to make money while minimising risks. Written in Dr Lamba’s characteristic lucid style, this book makes stock market investing a non-intimidating, fun activity.

Dr Lamba is a bestselling author, financial literacy activist and international corporate trainer. A chartered accountant, holding degrees in commerce and law as well as a doctorate in taxation, his training programmes are held internationally, with a client list exceeding 2000 large and medium-sized corporations spread across India, the US, Europe, the Middle-East and the Far-East

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