Contract negotiations and conflict resolution

In order to increase the chances of a long-term harmonious relationship, adding a dispute resolution and prevention clause in a contract is a necessity US President Donald Trump’s negotiation... Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Conflict Resolution

In the workplace, negotiations with co-workers can sometimes flare into conflicts. When they do, the experience can be stressful and the organisational outcomes, as a result, can sometimes suffer... Read more »

Negotiations: Solo or Teamwork

While many may prefer to handle negotiations solo, the involvement of others can often help add value to talks The President of the United States has often said that... Read more »

Family & Friends: Negotiation Pitfalls

Starting a new venture with relatives or close friends is a great idea, but make sure that the nitty-gritty elements of business are given their due importance How often... Read more »

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