Born for hospitality

Gaurabh Quenim has carved out a special niche for himself in the competitive world of hospitality through his venture


Gaurabh Quenim was quite literally brought up amidst the hotel business. “I come from a family of hoteliers – my father is from the hotel industry. I literally grew up in a hotel. So, I was always inclined to be in this industry.” After pursuing a degree in international hospitality management from Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa, he has been a part of pre-opening teams of several hotels and restaurants like Jakson Inns Phalton, W Goa, Voltaire, Soi amongst others; and has handled operations of hotels, restaurants and industrial catering units. With a vision to change the hospitality trends in India, today, at only 25, he has carved out a special niche for himself in the competitive world of hospitality through his venture GNQ Hospitality Consultants.

GNQ Hospitality Consultants is a new-age hospitality firm consisting of a team of hotel consultants and experts. Its inception in a dynamic tourist destination like Goa has given the firm an opportunity to associate with significant projects and clientele in the hospitality industry.

Speaking about his inspiration to kickstart a hospitality consultancy service, Gaurabh says candidly, “It just happened.” He continues, “We started casually late last year. It started out with me just helping out a friend to relaunch a project, and then the projects kept coming. Then, there was no looking back. In March, this year, we began operations officially under the GNQ Hospitality Consultants brand.” Together with Vinod Jain, a doyen in the field, armed with almost four decades of diversified hospitality management expertise, Gaurabh has seen the firm grow impressively – providing end-to-end consultancy services to a notable client list that includes the who’s who of Goa’s hospitality industry.

“I started off in the commissary at Grand Hyatt, peeling onions every day, washing plates in the kitchen, and in the butchery. Then, at Jakson, I was handling the entire gamut of operational activities. This included industrial catering, where we used to cater 6000 meals a day to all the industries around and manage the cafeteria. At W Goa, I was part of the pre-opening team and was involved in the setting up of the entire operations successfully. It was great exposure,” says Gaurabh, whose extensive experience in the hospitality industry, along with his grasp over the inner workings of a hotel, makes him truly understand the various hotel development stages and their specific requirements. Today, through his firm, Gaurabh strives to help hospitality organisations to solve operational issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance.

“Whether you are setting up a hotel property or re-branding an existing hotel, there are a number of steps involved – right from planning to executing to hiring staff. As hospitality consultants, we take it a step forward,” he says. GNQ Hospitality Consultants prides itself in offering a complete range of hands-on hospitality management services including hiring staff, conducting interviews, planning and executing operational strategies, implementing best practices, budgeting and providing tactical solutions for business growth and profitability, with the commitment to consistently provide the best possible results to hotel and restaurant owners while ensuring optimised expenses, better performance, technical superiority and highest level of guest satisfaction. “We also have major tie-ups with leading hotel suppliers and industry players, and we ensure the highest brand quality when it comes to providing the best equipment, hotel supplies, construction materials, kitchen tools, etc,” he says. The main aim of GNQ Hospitality Consultants is to encourage and support entrepreneurs, hotel owners and investors to operate successful hospitality ventures and aid efficient business growth, through a range of services. Their services include lease and management contracts, restoration of underperforming properties, laundry setup and management contracts, housekeeping and property maintenance and more. Speaking about the company’s USP, he says, “Our focus on ethics is a major aspect that gives us an edge over the competition. In today’s business environment, it is crucial to keep up with the competition while giving out the best to one’s clients and at the same time have strong internal processes. At the same time, we ensure that a strong dedication to professional and ethical standards is maintained in all our pursuits.”

Under their in-house brand “Quenim”, the firm has also recently introduced comfort service apartments, perfect for a tranquil vacation in Goa. Strategically located in proximity to Goa’s popular beaches and nightlife venues, the comfort apartments serve to be a perfect location to experience the best Goa has to offer. With round-the-clock housekeeping, personalised service, fully equipped kitchens, a snack bar, enclosed private parking and other amenities, a stay at Quenim service apartments will be one of premium relaxation and truly comfortable.

Interiors at Quenim Service Apartments in Calangute

Gaurabh is also widely known in art circles, noted for his avant-garde and abstract style and finesse. “Growing up, I had a great passion for art as well – a passion I share with my brother. Basically, we just started buying canvases and painting. We didn’t go for any art classes, we just painted. I had a couple of shows here and there, and won a few awards,” he says modestly. Gaurabh’s art is an expression of his emotional and spiritual evolvement. He has also won the Goa State Award for Painting in the Emerging Artist Reward Scheme 2015 of the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation. GNQ has been a medium through which Gaurabh explores his artistic and creative spirit, which is reflected in every step of the firm’s design and marketing processes.

It is no secret that the hospitality industry is extremely demanding and challenging. Speaking about what keeps him going, he says, “Every day is different; there is no monotony in this industry. I learned that at a very young age. Every day can be as rewarding and gratifying as you want it to be.” For a person who thrives on challenges and seeks opportunities, there is no better place than the hospitality sector. With his sights firmly on the future, Gaurabh says, “Currently, I am working on a couple of projects – two restaurants in Panjim and the service apartments in Calangute. We also have a series of projects in the works, all under the brand Quenim, all the due to launch by October”

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