Making a splash

Diana Braganza made a huge splash in the Pools and Spas industry through her venture Alpha Aqua Pools & Spa! By Anna Fernandes Being a woman in a predominantly... Read more »

Speaking an all new language

Kanan Tandi With a view to improve interpersonal relationships and spread awareness on the power of body language, Kanan Tandi conceptualised the idea of ‘Body Speaks Better’ By SAMAY... Read more »

Paper trail to success

Dr Indira Fonseca is a homeopathic physician turned entrepreneur By ANNA FERNANDES What started out as a fun little hobby has turned into a full blown entrepreneurial venture for... Read more »

Sweet success

Armed with a decade of experience, Chef Samantha Nunes has made her presence felt in Goa’s culinary scene By ANNA FERNANDES From the outside looking in, being a pastry... Read more »

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