Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz: Calling all curious minds!

Vijay Thomas

Founder and Managing Partner of Tangentia, Vijay Thomas, spoke to Business Goa about the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz, the preliminary rounds of which will be held in Goa.                   

Tell us something about Tangentia…

Tangentia is the leader in Global Boutique Technology Solutions with a ‘Think Global, Act Local’ delivery model with offices in USA, Canada and India.

What made you think about Jigyasa?

Jigyasa was the name of an email quiz group that I started in Chennai in the year 1999 when I was working at Satyam Computer Services. It got quite popular with more than 10,000 subscribers and we also conducted many quizzes in Chennai, including starting the first Madras Management Association quiz which continues even today.

How was last year’s event?

Last year’s Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz 2017 was the first edition of our event and it was fantastic. The winners, Sai Mitra Constructions, from Hyderabad were also the national winners of Tata Crucible quiz and the competition was of the highest level. We had more than 40 teams participating. Tangentia is in the knowledge business and we would like to be considered as thought leaders in our business and the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz aligns very well with our objectives.

What are the new additions this year?

This year, we decided to have the event on the Sunday of the Carnival event in Goa so that it will be a twofer event (two for the price of one). Teams from outside Goa could plan a trip to the state and participate in the carnival as well as our quiz. Starting 2019, we intend to have quizzes in different cities in India culminating in the finals in Goa on the Sunday of the Carnival weekend.

Who is participating this year? And what prizes will they be competing for?

This year, we have upped the prize money to more than Rs 2,00,000 and the first prize to Rs 1,00,000.  We had a national marketing program and have teams like IIM Lucknow, IIT Rourkee, IIT Bombay and corporates like Deloitte, Amul, TCS and the reigning champions Sai Mitra attending. We expect more than 50 teams to participate.

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