Outsiders: An Art Exhibition To Watch Out For


Are you an Outsider? Am I an Outsider? Who are the Outsiders? What do they do? Where will they go? Maybe they sing, or cook, or teach, or build, or paint, or pot! Maybe they are dreamers, creators, free thinkers…

Wouldn’t you like to find out? All we can reveal is that they come from different parts of the world – Lucknow, Los Angeles, Kerala and Switzerland. They may traverse diverse creative paths but do share something significant- they all followed their calling to move to Goa.

To ceramist Thomas Louis, Goa means confluence and collaboration. Visual artist and fine arts photographer Alok Johri came seeking solitude and to “meet the world in Goa.” Installation artist Sonny Singh was drawn by Goa’s atmosphere of openness and cultural diversity. Similarly, Goa’s rich natural beauty continues to hold Swiss designer Sonja Weder in thrall for over two decades now.

We would love to see you  at the Cube, Thursday, Nov. 30th, 6.00 – 10.00 pm to get inside the world of the Outsiders 
Curated by Samira Sheth.

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