Handcrafted with Love

Divya and Vishal Lunia led Gee Saa Fine Jewellery is a business built out of passion and handcrafted with love

By Anna Fernandes

Divya and Vishal Lunia

Located stretigically in the very busy church square in the heart of Goa’s capital city, Gee Saa Fine Jewellery is frequented by locals and tourists alike, enraptured by the resplendent designs placed in the display. Each customer who sets foot inside the brightly lit showroom is given individual attention in an effort to meet their specific needs, style and budget.

Vishal Lunia and Divya Rakyan Lunia, the owners of Gee Saa come from families of jewellers who have been dealing in bullion, gems and other fine jewellery for the past three generations. Being descendents of such eminent families and being trained in orthodox format instituted by the elders of the clan, the nuances and intricacies of the jewellery trade came very easily to each of them; and together they were a force to be reckoned with.

“If you are transparent in your operations, provide good quality and create a perfect experience, you are guaranteed to generate more business. A satisfied customer becomes a true brand ambassador of your product”           Divya Lunia – Partner, Gee Saa

Gee Saa Fine Jewellery had its inception in 2004, and later under their expansion plan they started personal exhibitions in Goa followed by consecutive participation in the Shringar Exhibition. The warm response from the market, was enough impetus to open their standalone showroom in Panjim in 2009.

  The Goan market has always been primarily focused on gold jewellery instilled through years of tradition. Gee Saa attempts to change that with the introduction of its fine jewellery collection made of gold and studded with diamond and precious stones. “Gold has always been treated as an investment, stored in a locker and not worn so often – diamond jewellery, on the other hand, is an investment that can be enjoyed and worn every day.”

Since its genesis, Gee Saa has strived to share their thorough knowledge and expertise of the trade with the Goan community, and keep them updated with the international trends that it caters to, while adhering with high quality standards. The in-house designing and manufacturing facility, allows one to obtain a product bespoke as per the occasion.

Gee Saa does not engage in special seasonal schemes; rather they believe that each purchase made by a customer is an occasion in itself. “No one season is a lucrative time to purchase jewellery, the purchasing of jewellery is reason in itself to celebrate with a reasonable price.”

The brand name “Gee Saa” has its origins in a Marwari phrase translating to “Yes Sir”. The inspiration behind the name was Vishal’s great grandfather who was addressed as “Gee Saa”. In keeping with this theme of respect that the brand stands for, Gee Saa strives to treat their customers with the highest level of respect. “If you are transparent in your operations, provide good quality and create a perfect experience, you are guaranteed to generate more business. A satisfied customer becomes a  true brand ambassador of your product,” says Divya.

Thus, with the goodwill and authenticity created over the years, a long-term relation of trust was built – today, Gee Saa is thriving.

Gee Saa specialises in handcrafted jewellery meticulously designed by Divya. Each piece is a work of art, fashioned keeping in mind the wearer’s unique taste. These designs include jewellery studded with diamonds and a fine selection of natural gems such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many others. To maintain the highest standard and quality, Gee Saa implements extensive quality checks on the stages of manufacturing. Every piece of jewellery is a labour of love that stands testament to the beauty of the one who wears it.

What makes Gee Saa different and stand out amongst numerous other jewellers in Goa is the unique and rare pieces of jewellery used from the yellow diamonds to the south sea pearls, which are the rarest pearls found in the world. Each piece of jewellery showcased at Gee Saa, has been uniquely designed – no two pieces are similar. The personal attention and love that the Gee Saa team infuses into their work is evident in the masterpieces that they create. This December, in the endeavour of constantly improving the design and craftsmanship, Gee Saa will be introducing their new collection of ‘Illusion Jewellery’ and South Seas Pearls at an unbelievable price, pushing the bar of perfection even higher.


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