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EDC Chairman Siddharth Kuncalienker’s day-long bus tour to spread the entrepreneurial bug among youth is a novel initiative, writes RAMRAI NAIK

The entrepreneurship drive organised by Goa’s leading business organisations was an ambitious bus journey that took over 100 potential entrepreneurs, on a state odyssey to meet role models – government and private support systems like; Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, CIBA Business Incubation Centre, Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Directorate of Industries, SARAS fair etc to give first-hand experience of the entrepreneurial ecosystem available in Goa.

Chairman of EDC, Siddharth Kuncalienker had initiated this key programme so that potential entrepreneurs get hands-on information about the entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists within the state of Goa and thereby to give them a jumpstart in their endeavour. Ashton Souza, entrepreneurship consultant executed the entire day-long activity.

The Economic Development Corporation in partnership with Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry had organised Goa’s first entrepreneurship drive. The drive was held on October 27, 2017, and was flagged off at MBA Department, Goa University by the Chief Guest Carlos De Sa, General Manager, EDC in the distinguished presence of Manguirish Pai Raiker, National President MSME, R.S. Kamat, Director General GCCI.

The entrepreneurship yatra took the first stop at CIBA, Verna where the tour of the business incubation centre and tinkering lab was undertaken, followed by a talk on the business ecosystem existing in Goa that can support entrepreneurs.

Further, the bus journey drove to EDC House where the students and other participants were given a presentation on “Chief Minister Rojgar Yojana Scheme for Startups” by Carlos De Sa. In addition to that, a talk on “DITC schemes for Entrepreneurs” by Geeta Joshi, Planning Officer, DITC was also made. This was followed with a mentorship session by Manguirish Pai Raiker on “Importance of Associating with a Business Association.”

The bus, later headed to Goa SARAS Fair at Campal, where the participants learnt how co-operatives in Goa start their business journey and flourish in the sector. The drive finally ended at the Management Campus of Goa University.

Geeta Joshi, Planning Officer, DITC felt elated at the response shown by the student. She said, “It was really great to see that students are very enthusiastic about starting their own business. And that is what the government is expecting from these students. It is time that students stop looking at the government for jobs; and instead create jobs and opportunities for themselves and for many others.”

Further speaking on the schemes Joshi added, “There has been huge response to the loan schemes provided by DITC. And most importantly, there has been a very good recovery from the same. This goes into proving that businesses are flourishing in the state as the applicants payback regularly.”

Manguirish Pai Raiker applauding the initiative exclaimed, “It is fantastic to bring in the new generation to the fold of entrepreneurship. Through this drive, they have got a wide exposure to the business environment in Goa. This would give participants the requisite self-confidence in turning their ideas into reality. Today, what we need is job givers rather than job seekers. There are a lot of opportunities for the new generation especially when the societal needs are increasing. And they have those capabilities to make their dream into a reality”.

“Through this drive, youngsters have got a wide exposure to the business environment in Goa”                      Manguirish Pai Raiker – Chairman, National Council for MSME

“Businesses are flourishing in the state as loan applicants payback on a regular basis”                                             Geeta Joshi – Planning Officer, Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce, Goa

“EDC’s vision is to create entrepreneurs”: Siddharth Kuncalienker

What was the primary purpose behind organising the Entrepreneurship Drive?

Creation of entrepreneurs is the primary objective of our CMRY scheme. I believe that youngsters, when mentored well and given a direction are very effective contributors to the society. Entrepreneurs provide opportunities for themselves and others; and are driven to excel in their chosen fields. I have seen some fantastic projects taking off in new age industries, which requires the zeal and passion of entrepreneurs.

How was the response from the students to the whole event?

Extremely encouraging! Both, in terms of quantity and quality. I am happy that EDC has embarked on this journey, which provides scope for growth for our young generation.

In future, can we expect more colleges and other institutions to get such opportunities to visit and know about several initiatives started by your organisation?

Definitely. In the past also, EDC has conducted special CMRY camps all over Goa, with a thrust to move into untapped and rural, semi-urban areas to provide exposure to youngsters and individuals there. Colleges can approach us and we will definitely try to include them in our outreach programs. Finally, this is all done in public interest; and we are looking forward to this growth.

What is the progress on CMRY in recent times and few key changes made to broaden the scope of it?

We have appointed voluntary organizations to conduct village-level awareness to aid youth to select business and facilitate paperwork, documentation. We have increased income limit from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs for eligibility. Plans are on to open an office in Margao to cater to the people of South Goa.

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