A delicious Story of Goa

Vivanta by Taj, Panaji

Chef Urbano do Rego has designed a menu with a Goan Story in every bite at Vivanta by Taj, Panaji

Vivanta by Taj, Panaji brings to you ‘Goan Stories’ at Tease. A gastronomic experience that promises to tickle your tastebuds with a culinary tour across Goa.

A potpourri of flavours, Goan cuisine blends the aromatic spices of India with the essence of Portugal. The all new Goan menu serves a scrumptious fare of authentic Goan preparations that will leave you craving for more.

A melting pot of cultures, Goan delicacies are full of flavour and spice. Goan cuisine comprises of an exotic mix of coastal specialties in addition to a host of other delicious dishes. ‘Goan Stories’ presents a feast for the eyes and the appetite. The menu has been specially curated by Chef Urbano do Rego who is a celebrity chef of Taj, Goa. The menu aims to give the diner an exceptional Goan dining experience.

Satiate your tastebuds with an array of appetizing starters comprising Semolina Crusted Fried Prawns, Lombinho

de Galinha com Caju, Caranguejos Recheados, Chourico Chilli Fry, Beef Chops, Bangdeache Dangar, Bolinhas de Batata com Verdura e Caju, Brochette de Verduras PiriPiri, Rissois de Corn Espinafres Caju and Cogumelhos de Mardol.

An important preparation in any Goan meal, the soup is a must for those who wish to savour an infusion of fresh ingredients. Relish the popular Canja de Galinha, Sopa de Santa Margarita and Sopa de Verdura com Espinafres.

Enjoy fruits of the sea with a divine selection of seafood specialties including Sungta Hooman, Prawn Balchao, Camarao Tigre Cilantro, Prawns PiriPiri, Rock Lobster a la Goa, Nuste Hooman, Pomfret Rechado, Mandkyo Chilli Fry, Tisryo Sukhem and Crab XecXec.

    Indulge in succulent poultry and meat preparations comprising Chicken Xacuti, Galinha Cafreal, Chicken Jirem Mirem, Mutton Sukhem, Carne de Vaca Tavern and Pork Vindaloo/Sorpotel with Sannas. The vegetarian fare features a host of traditional delicacies – Tharkarichem Tonak, Cashew Pea Mushroom Xacuti, Bhindi Sola and Batata Bhaji. Lunchtime Goan favourites showcase The Goan Fish Thali and The Goan Shivrak Thali serving a variety of dishes in one platter.

After you have feasted on a lavish spread of Goan specialties, it is time to treat the sweet tooth with a choice of mouthwatering delicacies – Serradura, Bebinca, Alle Belle, Classic Caramel Custard, Soufflé de Coco Bolo and Chocolate con Caju. Celebrate the taste of Goa and experience an unforgettable culinary journey. There is only one thing that comes to your mind when you feast on a plethora of authentic preparations – Viva!

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