Goa’s art season flags off with ‘She’ at The Cube Gallery, Moira

The art season in Goa is off to a great start with She, an all woman group show curated by art consultant Samira Sheth, opening soon at The Cube Gallery in Moira 

Samira Sheth with artists showing at ‘She’

The Cube is one of Goa’s more eclectic galleries, keen to promote artists within Goa’s community and to expand the artistic conversation to include exciting talent from around the world. It has a two-pronged focus – both Goan and global.

While the gallery will present a stimulating program of diverse shows in rotation this year, it attempts to place art in Goa in context – giving it both a force and direction that gains a momentum of its own. It works with artists who make a significant difference to the development of contemporary art practice in Goa.

This season The Cube is proud to present two major shows that find resonance in the layered and multiple communities of Goa.

It opens on 5 October 2017 with She – a celebration of the creative feminine spirit that finds free expression across varied media. The fecund force stirs up and revitalizes the gallery even as the latter attempts to contain, nurture and pay homage to it. Curator Samira Sheth brings eight Goa-based women artists together to both explore and embrace the complexities of being a woman. The powerful show features artworks ranging from watercolor to charcoal to embroidery, clay and installation by the artists Chaitali Morajkar, Fernanda De Melo, Katharina Kakar, Kausalya Gadekar, Liesl Cotta de Souza, Shilpa Nasnolkar, Soumitrimayee Paital and Verodina De Souza.

“Each artist has a distinct idiom and voice of her own articulated in She,” says the curator, Samira Sheth. “It is a wonderful ‘looking at women in art by women’ and considering the female gaze rather than the typical patriarchal male gaze which objectifies and commodifies women. This show is a significant marker of what some of the most interesting women artists in Goa are working on and how they see and represent the feminine in art.” Challenging ideas of beauty and feminine conduct, the codes around viewing the female body, gender stereotypes, taboos, ways of seeing oneself – all these and more spark a stimulating conversation in She.

As challenging stereotypes is at the heart of the show, Sonny Singh, founder of The Cube says She also challenges the current culture of demonizing men and moves away from biases based on gender, whether they be towards men or women.

The theme of the female creative force will be carried forward through the season as The Cube continues to cast the spotlight on a host of contemporary women artists – both local and international. These women are consummate art-makers taking the pulse of our times and reflecting them through their works.

The second highlight on The Cube’s calendar, Bhaile will run through late November to December. As the noted late poet Eunice De Souza said, there are many ‘ways of belonging’ to a land. Goa has always attracted ‘the outsider’ colloquially known as ‘bhaile’. From adventurous seafarers, Portuguese colonizers, influential dynasties, monks and missionaries to the hippies in more recent times – Goa has absorbed these continual cultural transformations. ‘Belonging’ then becomes the central subject of artistic exploration in this exhibition, curated by Samira Sheth. A group of ‘bhaile’ contemporary artists of our time now settled in Goa, take on the complex subject, interpreting it in their own singular idiom. Each artist now belongs to Goa, calls it home and gives us an ‘inside- outside’ view of assimilating, integrating and working out his/her own ways of belonging to this common land.

The Cube continues its commitment to new and engaging contemporary art with an unconventional and thought-provoking line-up of artists and exhibitions to come. Watch this space!

She runs from Oct 6-Nov 5 (Preview on Oct 5: By Invitation Only)

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