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Roshan Bandekar led ‘R Handmade Paperworks’ is known mainly for their high quality products and for the wide selection made available

She integrated her skills and talent and carved a dream that has today come to be known as ‘R Handmade Paperworks’, Goa’s only handmade paper manufacturers. The visionary who led to the formation of Paperworks is the most successful and beautiful Roshan Bandekar.

Roshan has over the years fiercely shifted her passion for fabrics and design to a venture that stands as one of the favourite outlets for many in the State today. A student of St. Teresa School, Vasco, Roshan followed her passion and graduated from the SNDT College of Home Science, Pune with a specialization in Textiles and Clothing.

During the early days of her career, though an amateur, Roshan got into manufacturing. She began as a wholesale manufacturer of readymade garments and one of her then clients included Fabindia, Pune; along with several other stores and boutiques in Pune.

As time passed, Roshan decided to explore more avenues of design. Soon the entrepreneurial bug bit her and she was all set to start out as a business woman. That’s how she kick-started with ‘R-Handmade Paperworks’. “The idea behind manufacturing handmade paper was to reuse the waste paper which would either be burnt or end up in landfills. My reason to start up was also to encourage people to recycle paper for ecological and social well-being and incorporate the use of recycled paper in their everyday lives,” says Roshan. Presently, Paperworks is the only handmade paper manufacturer in the State. Paperworks showcases a wide variety of handmade paper selection of which some include papers made out of cotton rags, waste paper and even from biomass fibre like banana, sugarcane and cornstalk.

Irrespective of the field that one is into, starting out can have its own set of challenges. It was no cake walk for Roshan as she commenced business, “One of the first and biggest challenges was to get the desired quality paper consistently to match international standards.” With every step came in new challenges; and the next one in line was to procure raw materials for the paper production. Though the option of approaching the ‘raddiwalas’ was always present, Roshan wanted people to know about the potential of handmade paper and how it is a complete boon to society. And hence, her main task was to make people aware and get them to contribute to her mission of a better world. “Getting people to donate their waste paper which would otherwise lie in garbage dumps was a real challenge,” says Roshan. Eventually, the challenges found their way out with Roshan’s sincere and dedicated attitude.

Though that was the scene during the inception of R Handmade Paperworks, the raw materials today are sourced from various ends including colleges, offices, hotels and even few homes who understand their duty towards the environment. The wide range of products made available at her company include handmade paper, value-added products such as notebooks, customized letterheads, paper bags and much more. Keeping up to the new trends in the market, Roshan makes sure that new and interesting designs are launched very often. The store manages to introduce new products on a weekly basis for their clients.

“Go ahead with what you wish to do. It may not always be a smooth ride but at the end of the day nothing can be compared to the feeling you get when you achieve your dreams”

Apart from the regular store sales, Roshan also ensures to cater to bulk orders of products. She states that most of the bulk orders are usually for paper bags. “At times of bulk orders, I source work to differently-abled individuals which was another idea behind starting my venture.” Through R Handmade Paperworks, Roshan also plans to work towards community service.

The variations available at R Handmade Paperworks are inspired by several elements around Roshan including the nature. As a lady entrepreneur, her passion for what she does is her biggest strength and motivates her the most. “I’m always thinking about my next design and how to go about making it real.”

Though R Handmade Paperworks had created its name and goodwill among people, Roshan finds great potential in digital marketing. According to her, it is one of the best ways to let people know about one’s business presence. Besides digital marketing, R Handmade Paperworks products are also made available at several e-Commerce websites along with several e-stores and book stores.

Roshan is the perfect blend of a lady entrepreneur and a homemaker; and in her opinion a well planned agenda and well-trained staff are two most essential factors in helping you strike that perfect balance.

“Go ahead with what you wish to do. It may not always be a smooth ride but at the end of the day nothing can be compared to the feeling you get when you achieve your dreams,” is Roshan’s advice for all the future entrepreneurs out there.

‘R Handmade Paperworks’ has created its mark in Goa; and as for future plans, Roshan wishes to export products made in Goa to the rest of the country soon. With her willpower and dedication to what she does, Roshan Bandekar is a true inspiration for many out there


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